Feudal Age (Japan)

This was the final result of this personal project that I recently worked on.
Based on some concepts from the Japanese feudal era of the artist José Julián Londoño.
I also had to find some tips on the internet to reach a result like this.



Refreshing to see this type of imagery, congrats @jeison_silva :muscle:

Thanks @Jaime

Really nice work; turned out excellent. Thanks for sharing =)


Spectacular work. It’s great to see such a complete scene.

Out of curiosity, why are you still using ZBrush 2018? You’re missing out on several spectacular new features. And 2021.5.1 is a free upgrade.

beautiful composition !

Thanks @Piggyson

Thanks, at the moment I’m already driving Zbrush 2019 I haven’t updated it yet.

Thanks @kingsley

Nice! Way to get the most out of ZBrush!

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