FemCharles character sketchbook

Hey everyone!

I thought i would start a sketchbook to start showcasing some of my work, specifically character work. I would like to keep a thread of all my work together so i can easily see the progress throughout.
I currently work as a environment/asset artist within the games industry but i would like to make a transition into character art. I feel its a good opportunity to start posting more of my character work to get feedback and improve my sculpting within zbrush.

I will try to keep my posts as streamline as possible. (i am currently working on multiple things at the same time.)

So with that said this is one of my current projects i am working on:

This is Pam a character design by Raquel Cornejo.
You can find her work here: https://www.artstation.com/raquelcornejo

She was kind enough to give me her permission to create it in 3D! I hope i do her design justice.

My overall goal is to create a lowpoly (ish) and all handpainted character. I will be using zbrush to bake my maps to start my handpainted texture off.
This is pretty much my finished sculpt. I probably won’t be doing anymore dramatic changes but small ones i can do before making the low. (although all crit will be noted and taken on board when creating my next character!)

Here are some screenshots from zbrush:

Any feedback is much appreciated!


I made some changes from the feedback i recieved. A friend of mine gave some really great feedback on the face so i actually went back and reworked it a bit. Along with the hair. Let me know what you think of the updated changes on the face.

The body i did some mild changes. I tucked in the skirt (i’m wondering if that made her hips look wider and i also pushed out her waist so she isn’t as thin in the middle. The changes are subtle but i wanted to keep her quite curvy (although it still might need some adjustments.). I extended her arms slightly and her legs.

I made some gifs to show the before and after:

Same with the body:


Here are the stills comparisons:


Let me know what you think of the changes and if there are any other improvements i can make! Thank you.