Female Thor

My take on a Female Thor.
Personal project for fun. Hope you like it.


very cool like it !

Great work : )

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Appreciate it! :smiley:

Great sculpt @Kingsletter :+1:

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So freaking cool!

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Thank you very much @Jaime :smile:

Thank you! :beers:

impressive, I love it!

This is awesome. So great to see a female Thor.

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I’ll be willingly pay to watch this version of the movie! :slight_smile: great work!

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Thank you Paul! Glad you like it man!

Thank you! Hopefully we’ll see female Thor in Love and Thunder! :laughing:

Oh now this is dope! :zap:

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I’ll second that. Love this one KL.

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this is awesome!

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Thank you!

Appreciate it bro! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :grin: