Female statue


a study of a female statue.
I started with dynamesh, retopology with Zremesher
textures I used some alphas and color with polypaint

Zbrush and Mental Ray for Maya.

Critiques are welcome!

i hope you guys like it!



More photos coming…

angel render 2.jpg

angel render 3.jpg

angel render 1.jpg

angel render 4.jpg

rain render.jpg


my name is tai. your very good mate and i will really like to collaborate. have some ideas ill attach, i love the sculpt but its not easy with limited
so i just draw. Your panel loop and delete hidden technique has opened my eyes to new things.

nice, tell me your ideas!

Its mainly for my comic. I’ve recently taken up a project to tell a fictional story about my country so I’m looking into a lot of research material
before i get to sculpting. They are mainly meant for clans and symbols of old races.



rendered masks.png

very good, what will you do with the masks?

How can I help you?

My story is basically about the Nigerian origins and there old legends, i want to tell a fictional story that bridges the past and the present. the masks will be like insignias
for waring clans so we can tell them apart. its a lot of detail and ill have all the sketches up soon.

What i will need more is your insight with zbrush and in-depth analysis on the flexible uses of these concepts. zbrush is the perfect tool for
maximising efficiency.

hmm very nice!!