Female Skull Study

My first detailed and realistic project in Zbrush, one of the very first practices with David Fernández Barruz.

Skulls have always caught my attention and have inspired me, both in my projects and my way of thinking. For this reason, creating this piece has been a pleasure and a challenge, in which I’ve searched, both a realistic result and faithful to the reference used, as well as learning and deepening even more in a shape that has always called my attention and is a fundamental part of our own anatomy.

The model was made from a sphere, combining dinamesh and booleans for the holes, and has a very high topology for maximum detail (I even modeled the inside of the skull, so it’s anatomically correct and detailed). I’m planning to do some retopology and UV mapping so I can bring it into Substance Painter and work on it in other ways . Who knows, maybe I’ll even put it up for sale as an asset eventually!!