female portrait

zbrush screengrabs. Not my matcap, not sure who to credit for that though. This started out as a sketch but I will take it just a bit further.

Crits and comments appreciated



very nice. great sculpting

yes, very nice work. :wink:

Thank you both, that’s very nice.

I should mention that the model is my wife, so I don’t want to mess this up too bad. I’ll post my references later.


Did some more work and a zbrush render.


Also I’m thinking I’ll do this for the hair. Anyone have any tips on using fibermesh? When I use it the brushes completely straighten the hair out, or do other extreme things, and it’s impossible to use even with a ton of polygoups.


very nice renders! she’s lookin cute! As for hair I think fibermesh is definitely the way to go. I’m no expert on fibermesh though :confused: wish i could help.
This guy does a really good job on how to work with female hair. Just watched it the other day and it was very easy to understand. But basically a summary from what i understood was that he takes the scalp of the head and makes about 10-12 different poly groups and each group he creates a desperate fiber mesh and just uses the fiber settings to alter size and length and then uses the groom brushes and move brushes to fix the hair.

Thanks Zborn, I saw that one, but still wrestle with it. I’ll keep at it though.

Left side reference is my wife.


man thats a really lovely model of your wife
and its looking like her 100 percent…
amazing man (y)

Likeness is really close :+1:

Hi, great model. If I can I will suggest you to fix area below cheeks. It’s too thick. Also look at the neck. Do you see difference in photo and your work? Keep working :slight_smile: Cheers.
PS : sorry for my english.
PS 2 : Maybe tutorial with sniper camo at this page will help, there’s a lot information about fibermesh.

Wow, she looks fantastic! Congratulations.

Oh, your Zbrush artwork looks good, too.



Likeness is pretty close, but her jaw looks too inflated too me:


Thanks guys,

Lovley wife!Lovley model!
I also like that somehow classic pinup painterly look you achieved.
Is this polypainted?

Thanks Jake, it is a mix of polypaint and texture projection. In the end it will be all polypaint.

Took my first stab at the MISSS_FAST_SKIN in maya. I’ve done some rendering in Mental Ray, but this is going to be my first real stab at anything human, complicated, or photrealistic.

Anyone have any good resources on using fibermesh inside maya? It’s not really rendering out well at this point…

My first render:

But I thought that maya got something like fur inside than it’s not worth using fiber. But you can use fiber as well. Good luck

Haven’t had a ton of time, but back at it.

First, I’m almost finalized with the pose and setup. Everything not in the zbrush document is going to be done in maya, and that’s mostly the eyebrows, the eyes, and the hair strands that will fall out of the hat.

And I’m starting to comb through mental-ray and manuals, trying to figure out the Misss_fast_skin, and Misss_fast_shader2 - I think I’ll be going with MISSS_FAST_SHADER2, since it’s easier to control.

Here are some of my prelim experiments with both shaders. The brighter, closer one is MISS_FAST_SKIN, the others are SSS2. The hat is rendered via displacement map and maya fur. I’ll have to tweek it quite a bit but I’m rather happy with the hats first tests. I can use the same system to do the opaque facial hair, I’m thinking.

Obviously the skin shader needs work. I also need to work on the skins surface in zbrush, getting the pores, wrinkles, creases etc. more realistic. I’ve had a heck of a time getting the maps into mental ray without losing quality. I finally figured out that the Maya 2d-file-import-node is knocking out some of the details by filtering them first, and also learned important lessons about linear color workflow.

Uhhg. Learning a lot about mental ray I guess though. I dream about it.

Crits and comments appreciated, but especially tips/tricks to using MR, SSS2, or MISS_F_SKIN, and getting nice renders out of MR. BTW, the images above are just MR standard renders. My computer can’t afford to use Final gather or GI for test rendering.

If anyone wants the tiling alphas I used to make the hat, please let me know, ill just post them in the thread.

That some awesome modeling! and of course I would enjoy those alphas if you wouldn’t mind sharing them :slight_smile:

I saved all my alphas in .png, which zbrushcentral won’t let me upload, so they’re on imgur. These are the links:

I realize that they might not be so great, but hopefully someone can get some use. They’re the three tiling alphas I built for the hat.

The first stitch, don’t know what you call it but this is how it looks:


And the tiling alpha to use:


Here is the second stitch:


This is just a much tighter and more compact/deeper version of the first. There is more range in the alpha of black to white, to give it greater depth, and there is less empty space.

The tiling alpha:


The last one, don’t know what it’s called but it looks like this tiled:


and the tiling alpha: