Female portrait (nudity)

Hi all,
after I’ve been watching this forum for a while I decided to start working seriously on a project of my own. So I spent some time trying to become familiar with the workflow of this software and this is the work I’ve done so far:


…the hand is perfect now!
If i export the model as an obj and i import it in xsi, it shows up perfectly centerd, so I don’t know what to do. One thing that i noticed is that if I unify the model (auto resize), it will be centered and then the resym will work perfectly, but I will have eyes, theeth and all the other subtool in the wrong position and scale then…
Does anyone have some ideas how to fix this issue?



Little update after the holidays:


Comments and crits would be more than welcome!

There’s a finger missing…

Just kidding! It looks great!

Hehe, for a second I thought you were serious! :lol:
Anyway thanks, I appreciate your reply!

Finally I found some spare time to continue this project. Update:


I’m looking forward to see your crits or comments about pose/camera angle /etc.
Thanks for viewing!

Some more views and details. I’m not really satisfied with the hand covering/grabbing the breast. It just doesn’t look totally right… any ideas?


Thanks for viewing!



Hello everyone,
after a million years I finished this portrait. I imported the low res model in 3d studio max, put e few random lights, changed some values in the skin shader, added some hair and voila’!

…easy aye? :smiley:

WOW. the final render is awesome! i love the hair and the lips texture, I really want to see the topology and passes, please :).

i feel that the right arm has parched skin

This is a very sensitive, emotional atmosphere you have created.
A lovely fresh feeling amongst this zbrush-slaughter-super hero-mechano stereohypes…eh types.

Thank’s for sharing.

mind sharing the light setup and the skin settings?
it came out fantastic :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

i think im in love:o

superb render.:+1:
very helpful it will be if u share d shader n light settings.

WOw. Congratulations.
This is a very sensitive, emotional atmosphere you have created.

Fantastic work! Atmosphere, skin, model and her expression, looks very believeable! Really and classical art work!

If i try to look hard for something to crit, maybe her hand looks not so fresh as the other part of the body. For it self, hand looks perfect, but maybe could be less textured and more gentle. Like it is a bit male type hand. Yet maybe your reference model has it like you did! :slight_smile:

a wonderful piece.

hair is defying gravity.
the shoulder looks too broad.
the cloth is not textured?
the eyebrow looks weird
the teeth seems unreal.
all those are nitpicking though. gd job.

love the lips, hand and finger texture.

WOW! I didn’t expect so much feedback, I’m really glad you enjoyed my work so much, it’s very rewarding after all those nights :slight_smile:

@ Protizimo: Thanks! The lips turned out very good indeed, they’re my favorite part of the picture! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re right about the skin on the arm. When I made the diffuse I made the mistake of enhancing too much the pores and the imperfection of the skin, so after all the shader tweaking, that part of the skin looks too strong and grainy compared to the rest.

@ Knacki: Thanks! Actually I thought that everyone would be more interested in everything else but another half naked female portrait attempt. Well, i was wrong! :lol:

@ Eseablo: Thanks! I’m currently working on a little walkthrough, which will include topology, shaders, light rig and passes, plus some thing I found out that may be useful.

@ Rituparna: Thanks! I’ll post a walkthrough with all the settings as soon as possible :wink:

@ jamec9869: Thanks! I’m glad the picture can give you such a feeling.

@ npantic: Thanks! I’m happy you like the pose and the expression, I spent so much time trying to achieve it… it was a well spent effort thou. About the hand, initially she was supposed to grab her breast (as you can see in the first pics). Then I decided to let her just touch and cover it, so the model of the hand still has some tension in it. Good on you for noticing it :slight_smile:

@ GX@W: Thanks! Damn you got me in all my weak points :rolleyes:
The hair is almost defying gravity, but I needed that to make the hair look like the original reference (my girlfriend which is super picky ;))
The shoulder is one of the the things I like less of the picture, it wasn’t good in the model and the light doesn’t help at all. It’ll come out better on my next work!
The bed sheet is not textured… my bad! I tried different textures, methods and solutions, but I didn’t like any of them. At the end I left it like that hoping no one would notice :rolleyes:
The eyebrow is a texture with bump and specular. It has been really difficult to match it with the hair and I’m not really satisfied with it. Next time I’ll do it with hair too!
Also the teeth are one of the weak points of the picture, I tweaked them until the very end without achieving a satisfying result. At least they don’t do too much damage. Next time I’ll keep her mouth shut :lol:

Hello again, I took a few days of vacation from this project, I was starting to be sick of it :D. Then I opened the scene again and I took some screengrabs. This is the light setup. The shader settings and the wires will follow. Hope you’ll find these useful.




Thanks for the Vray tutorials :smiley: many new things for me…cool

Hey, sorry for the big delay, these are the pics that show the settings for the skin shader:


I hope you’ll find this useful. Any comment, hint or critic is more than welcome!



Hej Ganjica, though i have no time to study this right now, it is very kind of you to share in such details, how you achieved whay you have done! Thanks!

Thanx a lot for all ur tutorials. Gr8 help…:lol: