Female head ( ztl donation )

Here is a female head model for all z3 users

http://… ( link removed by the topic owner )

Created with poser, tweaked and finetuned with z3 since poser objects has some !!! problems with zbrush it was a real pain in the (well u know where :lol: )





Thanks for sharing this man. :+1:

Thats jessi poser 6,are you aloud to redistribute??

no problem enjoy :wink:

Since i didnt use the all body, made some changes and editings i tought it wont be a problem but if it is a problem i can delete it…

I wouldn’t think it’s ‘kosher’, but I’m not positive. I’m not sure how this is different from ‘sampling’ and other ‘fair use’ situations.

Which brings up a point: with retopology tools and ZProject, Z3 has made 3D meshes as copyable as 2D artwork. Now some head mesh off the net can be combined with your torso sculpt and somebody else’s hand sculpt to create your own complete 3D figure, and only the scrupulously honest will attribute.

I’m deleting the link, my only gool was to give a starting point for the newbies…

I thought working on pre-made female head could help people to improve their capability of sculpting and learning female anatomy (of course i might be mistaken.) working on pixo’s default male head did help me a lot…