Female Head / Skin / Hair tests

I would like to ask for some 121 or just critique on the skin shading and the head itself. The hair is obviously still missing as are the ever elusive ears.

I know I have to do some work on the eyelids. And the skull, especialy around the eyebrows, might look better if not so wide but any comments are appreciated realy. Thanks.

Made from a standard Sphere3D at 32256 polygons. Modeled almost exclusively with the move edit mode. Only Zadd/Zsub was on the eyesockets and the indent between the lips. I’ll get to work on the ears pronto as I know how much they would add to the picture.

nice modeling,i also model with move only,
more control. :+1:

This is very nice modeling TVeyes. I will not even show you my attempt at the eyelids until I can get the side view right (side view tells the whole story) and you got yours right on. :slight_smile:

Skin tone: I like her skin tone a lot, but, not knowing where the light is coming from, I assume she is facing it directly (as that is what it seems to be), I think the chin area and jawbone on the sides of the head should be a bit darker skin tone for shadowing (looking at frontal view) like you have the shadowing done on the top of her head at the sides.

And one thing just as a sugestion, but not a 121. But if I had her, I would just try one thing to see how it looks. I would mask off the eyes and below, and a part of the eye brow, the part nearest the nose. Then, ever so lightly, I would move the top of the head on some (with symmetry), remove the mask and see what you think. There may be a “line” from the move, but if you cannot get rid of it in two smooths, then go back to what you had. I have found that if you do more then two smooths, you usually create more lines that need to be smoothed. But if you move the top part of the head in a big bit, then try it again by moving it in just a tiny bit, and I think this will also help with your eyebrows (which you think are off).

But I have to say, this a damned good model, and I cannot wait to see what the rest will look like. She is wonderful. You really should name her, you know :smiley:

Many Blessings


Off to a great start. :+1:

A couple of suggestions for the skin shader:

On the border between the light areas and the shadow areas, the skin tends to take on a redder tone.

For this, I used one of the tri-shader materials and set the colorize diffuse to red on one of the channels and adjusted the diffuse graph so it had a narrow curve in the middle and was at zero and both the left and the right.

Also, you may want to lower the specularity a little and increase the noise values a little bit.

Hi TVeyes;
Great start and promising outlines! This is
going to be a fun thread to follow.
“Impossible to see, the future is.”
Happy brushing!

Hi TVeyes
Nice modeling in only move action!
But at the end you must refine with Push pull the line of nose and nostril (just a little)
have happy modeling!

Hey TVeyes… This was my feeble attempt at realistic skin and lighting a couple months ago on a giant model I was creating… I’ve tried many times to achieve ZBrush realistic skin… Still can’t get it right… Maybe this thread will spark some good skin materials… As for my personal 121 on your model… I like the glow you have on the skin… Gives the skin the natural oily look to it… I think the tone is too high on the red side though… I agree with wingedone about raising the noise on the model but I think having a fairly high specular gives the skin a more realistic look to it… I like the soft lighting you used… I think capturing realistic skin is one of the hardest things in 3D art… But SOMEONE has to stumble onto a realistic skin tone at some point with ZBrush… Many have with other 3D programs… Keep us posted with your progress.