female figure sculpt (wip)

hi to learn the human form i started this female sculpt currently trying to project sculpt the head to this model and finish hands and feets,
i want to try some different poses maybe make her a bit fleshier




That’s really quite good.

Its good, but the neck needs to be smoothed. The feet don’t appear to have much bones in them either, they look like paddles.

hi thx for the comments this is just a test i spent alot of time playing with the masses from skinny to chubby and roughly shaped in the head (project sculpt didnt work out) i will refine the whole body especially arms legs hands and feets, then retopologize and finally try some poses still a long way to go :confused:


ZBrush Document copy.jpg

Your really fine tuning her nicely.Stunning so far!


Fantastic update and good pose too. The hands are lumpy though and you can’t feel the bones in them yet either. Females tend to have very thin delicate hands with softer curves than males.

almost finished that base model some more work on arms and feet and i am going to retopologize then some more sculpting in a posed position thanks for the comments and crits always welcome


ZBrush Document.jpg

ZBrush Document01.jpg

ZBrush Document02.jpg

it has been a while… i finshed to retopologize and trying some poses this is one i like it is not altered yet just transposed

ZBrush Document1.jpg

Wow moreHuhn,
thats some really smooth modeling and the way you have used transpose has me gasping for breath!I used transpose but get awful breaks that I have to fix through all division levels.You have such a smooth transition between the moved joints?You know how to blur the mask effectivley.I cant /or it wont work for me~clicking on the mask wont blur the edges.Perhaps Im missing something as usual~lol.Great thread ,cheers

I really like your use of the transpose. My models all go crazy when I transpose. This model is coming along nicely keep up the good work. Hope to see it finished.

yes it does the same thing on me but if you transpose in steps and correct the joints it turns out fine

[sit.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘68380’,‘ZBrush Document33.jpg’,1,0))

i’m currently doing the CG Workshop Cybergirl 7 with Steven Stahlberg hopefully i can post a new babe soon


ZBrush Document33.jpg