Female 3D Model Study

a model i sculpted in zbrush and rendered in blender cycles.theres some things to be done so its still w.i.p;)
george-siskas-ena.jpggeorge-siskas-tria.jpggeorge-siskas-zbrush-document (4).jpggeorge-siskas-zbruvhvcument.jpggeorge-siskas-zbrusgvgvcument.jpg




well i must say it looks very good :wink: couldn’t lose feeling that You was inspired by miss jolie.
and I would kill for alpha maps You used for pores and skin :stuck_out_tongue:

well,you got me :stuck_out_tongue: as for the alphas,look around i think you will find better than mine :stuck_out_tongue:

and may I ask how many polys have just head model (just face without eyes/hair) ? particularly this screen from zbrush.

i think it’s about 13 mil. polys :wink: