Felon2 Sketchbook.

Hi all, i finally decide to start a new thread, because the old one has start as a project WIP, then it becomes my main topic…

Then i will repost all my work here (maybe).

I would like to start with a new 2d concept this time.SInce 3 years i abandoned 2D, and i think i will start from here now, before a sculpt, and should save a lot of time.

So here will be my futur sculpt :).



Hi, here is a character still WIP. i have done some changes since the begining.

Still have some work on it (like katana/ hands / helmet some things on gear / materials). It’s a basic Zbrush render no particular settings, and only basic color information no textures.

More update soon. Critics and comments are welcome thx!

cool model. Looking forward to finished piece:+1:

Some details. More comming.





Simply incredible detail, awesome ! :slight_smile:

Incredible is truly the word.

I love the boots! I always notice ultra-cool boots and shoes. :+1:

If I may ask…what do you all do with these fabulous figures that you make?

I mean…do they become game characters, or do you sell them…or…what? :slight_smile:

And you rendered that beautiful piece in Zbrush? Totally wonderful.

Exceptional work here!:+1:
Are you using a full-body mesh under that costume or separate, isolated parts for head and hands?


Hi and thx !

@Jan19, those things are for personal training, it’s for fun too, i did’nt do anything with it later^^.
And this is a Zbrush render yep.

@highlander_72, I use a full body mesh but in separate parts, head, hands and whole body.

Damn the amount of details in this is just incredible :o

So good, i really love it, it’s looking perfect ! :slight_smile:

Awesome work man

Cheers !

wow…! lots of details !! awesome !

Congratulations It’s a very good work, the details are amazing.
If I’d say something, it would be about the face: why it’s nice the face you sculpted, according fashion and what image says, I would prefer a more oriental face, i.e. changing eyes.

Thanks for you comment Thedust, i have to agree with you because at the beginning it was the idea. And, i think i will change it for more oriental face. I was not sure that i want to stay in a full oriental character and change it for someting different, ill think about it when ill have time to work on :).

@Jan19, those things are for personal training, it’s for fun too, i did’nt do anything with it later^^.
And this is a Zbrush render yep.

Well, your personal training pays off. :slight_smile: That is a truly gorgeous character.

You should make that into some sort of game character – or fine art – or something.

Absolutely beautiful work.

Thanks for the info!

I would agree, that an oriental face is probably a good idea.


Anyway, it still remains an awesome sculpting.

Hello, thx for your comments. I have done some modifications.
Now i’m pretty happy with the model (exept hands, i dont have work on yet).
Next set retopo/texture !

I will work more around material when texturing.

I hope soon…^^

Critiks ands comments are always welcome

Stunning details! How did you get the velvet material in ZBrush?

On the Last picture?

On the color version on page 1. May not even be ZB?

man you got awesome pieces in your thread.just checked your gallery & my jaw was on the floor.:lol: keep rocking.;):wink: