Hi there,

i made a model for which i did a quick render test yesterday (picture 1), with just quickly placed teeths. Now i took the model a bit further (pic 2+3), but im not sure whether i find it better or worse. So im actually looking for some feedback.
Any input is appreciated.

Many thanks




m5 2.jpg

hmm i think i got the forms together, i like the new sculpt better than the old.
heres an update.


Looks nice, cool creature. I think you should try use markermaster to postion the teeth as they look a bit out in the first render:)

hehe, i did use markermaster. but did really only on the fly, the teeth look horrible. Heres an update. Its growing… but im still not exactly happy yet…oh well.

sz .jpg

Looks very clean and geometricaly…like your “flyer” :+1:


thanks jantim.:smiley:


Wow, that is some artifact! Fascinating!

Very nice, clean modelling on that last pic, and I loved the fishy texture on that very first pic!!:slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

An hall stand design? :+1:

Erk… Excellent, excellent, excellent.

This is shaping up to be a beautiful piece.


Cool! :wink:

Yeah have to agree…Cool!

ZB render? if so curious as to light setup.

Lemo et all: thanks for the kind words.

aminuts, i used two zbrush renders to composite, one is the fake ambient occlusion light from meats, which i used together with a white diffuse shader.
This was put on top of the scene render with the light attached below.

thats it for the moment, got some plans to develop it further but that will take some time. thanks for viewing

fimo large.jpg


fimo 1.jpg

fimo 2.jpg

I don’t know what the heck that thing is, but the woodman likes :+1:

hey i really love your concept do you think you could post a zscript of how you do multiple render layers so we can see how you created this beautiful peice please post a zscript of how you did this from start to finish great work trully creative would love to see a zscript of one of your well done works please!!

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me I am trying to export a model from amx8 to zbrush but I am having problems with uv’s overlapping they are green in max and will not weld for some reason it looks like they are already welded but they are still green.


(1st pic) this looks realistic enough; it sent a shiver down my spine. It’s like something I’d expect to crawl out from the sea, dripping and oozing.

The detail on its snout, nose, eyes is excellant, and the yellow teeth is a great touch.

Like the detail on the skin too.

(5th pic) WOW! Very weird, but totally cool. The level of detail is amazing. Nice colours.

Great symmetry on the horns.

(rest of the pics) Love the orange eyes. They look really deep.

Wicked stuff. :+1:

Thank you;)

troy, there is a tutorial for compositing which can be found here:


As far as a little script is concerned, im afraid, i have problems getting that to work atm. Somehow the resulting played script doesnt really appear to catch everything correctly, need to do some more testing first.