Feedback on new ZBCentral- first thoughts

I love that you are encouraging more interaction. A++ to that. Love the new main page ( feels a bit like IG).
The organization looks overall much better . It appears you want encourage users to make new topics more frequently. As we all know the old ZBC had threads with so many pages that it was incredibly hard to find anything. Looks like new interface is designed to encourage more topics so we can self organize.
One thing that seems odd- (mentioned above) is topic area has enormous amount of blank space in between if there is no image in the topic. Agree that maybe making image icon smaller would solve this.
Just a few initial thoughts -hope to hear from others what they think as we go along.

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I also think the new ZBC is a big improvement over the outdated old forum system.

I would much appreciate a little less emphasis on the artwork though. Right now the new forum is basically an art gallery with some hidden other sections, such as the ZBrush Help & Support category, which is in my humble opinion at least as important as showcasing artwork.

The Blender Artists forum is a good example of a versatile landing page that invites you to participate in discussions and answer user questions, while still having a nice featured artwork row at the top. ZBC doesn’t have to mimic that and can keep more emphasis on artwork, but I’d appreciate a little part of the spotlight to be cast upon ZBrush help & support, ZBrush tutorials and other categories. It would help more ZBrush questions to be answered, more ZBrush knowledge to be shared and turn ZBC into a lively social community.

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I cant figure it out, everything is missing and what there is is far too large and visually cluttered…


So my initial thoughts were- yay! I love that visuals are front and center when I get to the forum…but then… I started to try to actually find things. hmmm…think the old forum might win that one.
Yes, there were a lot of issues with the old forum - but now there are new issues with this one.
Forums have 2 purposes: One is to showcase user work ,the other is to help users find answers to their questions. Both are important but they don’t necessarily compliment each other. HUGE ICONS, half a page full of images and masses of blank space are not helpful when searching for answers to topics. I really think it would be much better to divide the forum into the visual area and a compact & properly organized thread /topic based area. You have solved some problems , definitely- but you’ve also created new ones. Hope this forum will be a work in progress.

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Like MEALEAYING said : “I cant figure it out, everything is missing and what there is is far too large and visually cluttered…” : exactly my thoughts!

Why when something works people feel the need to “fix” it I don’t understand.

I hope the revamp of the site is a work in progress and that the format actually becomes useable … :frowning_face: