FBX vertex color doens't work anymore on BLENDER (patch 2021.1.2)

Hello ,
The title says it all, since i updated Zbrush 2021.1.2, Blender can’t read vertexcolors, I tried 2019 fbx export but still the same.

On my daily workflow this is pretty bad for me, i’ll try to go back to the previous patch.

Thanks for reading,

ps: the Blender import fbx with vertexcolor is an addon

Hello @daardees

Sorry you’re having some trouble!

Please report reproducible technical issues with the use of ZBrush to Pixologic Support. This is the only reliable way to get your issue into the hands of the developers and get it technical attention.


Thank you @Spyndel !

I will, I wasn’t sure it was the right place.

Meanwhile I found that the PLY export/import works fine with vertexCol for Blender.