Well, it’s about time I post something.

I began this sculpt in order to get back into doing real art, rather than tinkering with the technicalities of working in CG. The original concept was to sculpt a ballet dancer, but I found myself wanting to do something more than that. My goal was for this sculpt to convey a sense of joy and freedom of spirit. A release of the soul from worldly troubles. When I designed the pose, instead of referencing images of dancers I simply followed my gut feeling for what I wanted to convey. Interestingly the final pose is very close to a common ballet pose, but a little more wild.

Let me know what you think.



And…straight to the Top Row. Mark my words.


Wonderful image and model!
Do you have other points of views / closeup ?

Gorgeous composition

Love it. Top row material for sure :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Me to wants close ups and different shots :slight_smile:

But, of course. By all means.
Amazing piece of art!

Beautiful expression. Feels just like discovering zbrush after being an old-school poly modeler for a long time :slight_smile:

Wonderful sense of movement! Top notch … TOP ROW! :smiley:

Cheers, David

Thanks for your kind words all.

Here are some additional renders

Very nice, I confirm my previous comment! :slight_smile:

absolutely stunning

Here are some screen grabs from zbrush showing the face close up and the figure study.


A few more of the figure study


Wow, truly amazing work! The anatomy detail is awesome, the pose is dynamic and appealing. I’m very jealous :stuck_out_tongue: the dress is also very beautiful

Thank you for adding these extra ZBrush screenshots. In fact, your model is as nice as the final composition and all these subtles details and the power of the pose and shape of this girl are not visible in the composition (which is too bad!!)
Congratulation again, this is so stunning!

Congratulations then.
ha ha expected. It couldn’t pass unnoticed by the ZBC crew.
A well deserved top row.

Gorgeous gesture and gorgeous sculpt. Congrats on the well deserved top row!

I love it.
I was looking for reference material for this kind of pose, several weeks ago.
Because I was looking for a magic moment.
The ease of being.

Now I found it very unexpected.

Thanks for sharing.

Stunning work!