Fated World: Character Concept and Designs

This is my first real try at getting something usable in ZBrush. I am using it to create the characters for my indie game Fated World. The characters are anime style and aimed at usage in a fantasy RPG Setting. I’m not very inventive with clothing design but I want to make something unique and stylish.

Tori Miyazaki: Main Character

There are a few textures that couldn’t project for Tori. But this is just a rough concept.

Mika Miyazaki: Cliche Childhood Friend Tomboy

I’m having issues trying to decide on how to make tech armor for Mika as I want something practical. Also might be changing her hair.

Any feedback is welcomed. I’m not an artist per se I never went to school for it, everything I know is self-taught, if there are obvious things I’m missing please let me know. I hope that in the end I have something pretty cool for my main characters.