Fate Series 1 The Last Supper The Golden Age

Fate Series 1—The Last Supper. The Golden Age
The Hong Kong film, once known as the “Hollywood of the East”, has produced countless popular film and television stars and works, and has become a part of the youth of the post-80s and post-90s generation in China or Asia, with profound resonance and memories. , and has been studied and sought after by countless domestic and foreign filmmakers. However, in recent years, the decline of Hong Kong films is undeniable and regrettable. But the golden age of Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s is still nostalgic.
This work pays tribute to Hong Kong films and all filmmakers who have silently contributed to the film industry

  1. The costumes of the characters in the work are all the costumes in the movie, I miss those classic movie series that cannot be copied (because one person can only wear one, so I choose the one I like, I hope you forgive me) and the intersection of some characters in the movie, Just like the sandals of Brother Fai and Mr. Leung Ka Fai, they are the standard pair of good brothers in the prison situation. They are bright and beautiful gambling gods and lovers. This contrast is very interesting. I hope they see it. Don’t mind
  2. Added some fantasy elements, Mr. Leslie Cheung’s apple is the poisonous apple in Snow White, I hope he just took a bite and fell asleep… Hope he is well in heaven
  3. Regarding the four cards, it is not the original meaning of the four kings of k, but it is given to 4 people with a feeling. The spade is the symbol of the king and the pioneer. The Shanghai beach of the fat brother has conquered countless fans in mainland China. The heart (my mother is a die-hard fan, when the music starts, my mother becomes a bear child watching cartoons on TV) The square piece symbolizes the prince and was given to Andy, and I feel that no matter what age he is, it is in our hearts The prince who can sing and dance. Plum Blossom gave it to Xing Ye, Xing Ye’s persistence in the movie and irreplaceable, any honor is not worthy of his title, so the Uncrowned King gave it to him. As for the red peach, it is a benevolent heart, a heart of perseverance, and a heart of hope. Hopefully he will find a way out for the feelings in our hearts.
  4. As for other details, you can discover by yourself


I like the last supper reference :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing, cant imagine how much time and energy it took you to bring together this complex image :smiley: