Fast Sculpting Brush Pack

I made my own custom brushes that I’m using for some time now to quickly sculpt. Mainly for using the Sculptris Pro feature but also for the default sculpting. I made them now available for free here:
and here:


They are mostly more clean and flowy Clay Buildup like brushes and really sharp pinchy carve brushes (something like DamStandard) for various occasions which also includes fancy double action 2 sided variations. There is also a wet ish average flatten brush, a simple fur buildup brush and a polish sculpting brush.

You can check them all out in action here:

I also made some cool timelapses there with the record undo history feature including a car I sculpted. You also find a custom UI in zip with the brushes on the side like in the video so you can quickly try them out.

Some gifs:
The flowy buildup variant

Wet average flatten versus default flatten. (Where the ear gets messed up is the default flatten)


Nice one, I’ll give them a go later. I pretty much only use 3 brushes for most sculpting but I’m always tweaking them and too lazy to save my settings, these look really useful so cheers!

They look very interesting, thanks for sharing! Will try them :+1:

Here is something detailed I pretty much made only with these brushes and Sculptris Pro mode:
Nore sure if you recognize him, its the Easter Bunny!

thank you! :slight_smile:

The brush pack is now also available on ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/davision/store/WR0J/fast-sculpting-brush-pack-for-zbrush
Just know you have to pay a dollar there because It does not let me make it free there.

Also made this gif only to find out that the ArtStation store does not support gifs:

Here is another gif I missed to post before, the Carve Pinch brush:

And a quick sculpting a car gif:

Thanks for sharing :blush:

This is looking fantastic. Thanks a lot

These work great! Thank you!

Thank you those are great!

Quick helmet concept I just made using the brushes

Btw, if you made anything using these brushes feel free to post it here, can be anything quick and dirty.