...far, far away from work... Character Art~

So , i’m openning this thread to post my personal works, wip shots and sketches …
You are welcome to critic and coment .
Hope you like the things here


Well for start, Paikuhan!
Paikuhan is a amazing characters who fights Goku at the very end of Dragon Ball Z, at the other world Tournament.

Model made for Rod Pralier***8217;s DBZ facebook challange. Got 3rd Place on the contest :slight_smile:

All done 100% with Zbrush, from zspheres basemesh to final render.


<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/69382249” width=“500” height=“357” frameborder=“0” webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen

Paikuhan - DBZ Turntable from marianosteiner on Vimeo.

Highres images and video at :http://marianosteiner.com/Paikuhan_final_relaxedpose  thumb.jpg





Secondly a model i did dor my Digital Sculpture course in Brazil at http://www.ics.art.br/web/
Inspired on one of the first horror movies i can remember, Vampire in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy.
100% Zbrush.


[VampireinBrooklyn turntable](http://vimeo.com/69898279) from [marianosteiner](http://vimeo.com/mastein) on [Vimeo](https://vimeo.com).

High res shots and turntable video at http://marianosteiner.com/





and finally…

The Dragon i did for a friendly contest between me, Bruno Camara and Bruno Melo.
You can find the Contest Thread here .
We decided to do a mini-contest with a ***8220;medieval***8221; theme just to keep exploring and praticing on our spare time.
The main shot is rendered with 3dsMax+ Vray and composed in Photoshop. The other shots , aswell as the video, are from MarmosetToolbag ( realtime ).

The Dragon was concepted with a lot of silly drawings and a quick sketch in Zbrush. Then retopologized using Topogun and fully sculpted and textured back in zbrush and photoshop.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/5pMmKi0MDx0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen

High res images and videos at http://marianosteiner.com/








Here you can see some of the early work in progress shots :


And a quick tutorial on how i did the scales… NO alphas here, accept the upper neck portion, which has been re-sculpted later anyway.


High res images and videos at http://marianosteiner.com/








oh man what a flood of awesome pieces!

congrats on nailing 3rd in the DBZ contest! :smiley:

It’s badass to see your dragon all wrapped up from your mini-challenge, thanks for sharing some of your scale techniques in the video too! :+1:

A breakdown on your scaling process for the dragon will be very much appreciated. Wonderful sculpts, btw.

I can’t believe this fantastic dragon hasn’t gotten more of a response.Great job.

Hey Mariano great work!!! I was following the dragon’s progress on FB, keep it up buddy!

Wow! Love it!
May I ask, how did you get the clay brush to behave like that? It seems to have some kind of layer effect :slight_smile:

Wow man! The Dragon is very!!!

I suscribed on your youtube channel, the tutorial for the scale comes in handy, I love your works and can only ask for more, bravo!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:

Thanks folks! !
Glad you guys liked the tutorial, hope it helps :slight_smile:thumb.jpg

some amazing work man. What kind of computer system are you running to create this work?

Awesome work Mariano! Thanks for posting the beautiful WIPs and the tutorial. Sweet!

cheers folks!

nerveink : I’m running with a I7 2600k, 16GB ram, Quadro 4000 with win 7 … :slight_smile:

some more stuff comming soon!Dragon_fire_00_small.jpg



I repeat my question :slight_smile:

In the scale tutorial, how did you get the clay brush to behave like that? It seems to have some kind of thin, layer effect.

Those dragon renders are very good.

Hello Santis. I believe he used the layer brush to get that effect. Through my trials, guided by the tutorial, I realized the displace brush with a z intensity of ~10 or lower also does an excellent job. It gives you a less uniform result that could be more desirable in cases.

Thanks, will try that :slight_smile:

Nice work!