Fantasy Filmfestival Trailer 2007 Germany


Well, finished yesterday. The Trailer for the FantasyFilmfest 2007 in Germany has been finished by my company Magna Mana Production GmbH. Stop-Motion combined with CGI Elements. All puppets were build by hand in many weeks of hard work by our Stop-Motion Team from Weirdoughmation. There will be no complete movie with these puppets, etc. All elements were produced for this trailer only. I used ZBrush3 for most objects in the background. Rendering was done with Vray and 3dsmax8. Compositing was done in Digital Fusion5. The puppets were shot in front of green and bluescreen panels - i will add some plates and more background-information later ! So, here is our trailer in 1280*720 small HD resolution as quicktime or windowsMedia9 HD. [www.magnamana.com/fff2007/FFF_2007_1280_.wmv](http://www.magnamana.com/fff2007/FFF_2007_1280_.wmv) [www.magnamana.com/fff2007/FFF_2007_1280_.mov](http://www.magnamana.com/fff2007/FFF_2007_1280_.mov) Here are the credits:

Director, Cut :
Frank Vogt, Magna Mana Production (www.magnamana.com)
Editing was done using Harris/Leitch VeloctyHD.

Compositing :
Mark Dauth, Magna Mana Production
Compositing was done using Eyeon Fusion, RealViz Match Mover.

Thomas Klieber, Magna Mana Production (www.thomasklieber.de)
Viktor Klassen, Magna Mana Production
Sebastian Schminke, Solid Ground Entertainment
Backgrounds created as CGI with Autodesk 3DS MAX, ZBrush, Adobe PhotoShop
CS, RealViz Match Mover and others,

Stop Motion Animation & Motion Control:
Juergen Kling, Weirdoughmation (www.weirdoughmation.de)
Susanna Jerger (www.susannajerger.de)
Shot with two Canon D400 at full 10 Megapixel RAW.

Helpers (Puppet Making etc.)
Christiane Rvmer, Magna Mana Production
Daniela Smets

Sound-Design, Composition:
Jack Moik, Solid Ground Entertainment (www.solid-ground-entertainment.com)
Sound design and music production using Steinberg Nuendo and Native
Instruments Colossus.

Dolby Sound-Mix
Harald Guhn, Fun De Mental Studios (www.fundemental.de)
Dolby sound-mix using AVID/DigiDesign ProTools HD.

Technical Director & 2K Film Recording
Axel Mertes, Magna Mana Production

Lab and Prints
Hanko Hoffmann, ABC&TaunusFilm Kopierwerk (www.abc-taunusfilm.de)

Rainer Stefan, Rosebud Entertainment (www.rosebud-entertainment.de)
Fantasy Film Fest 2007 (www.fantasyfilmfest.com)

[http://www.magnamana.com](http://www.magnamana.com) [http://www.weirdoughmation.de](http://www.weirdoughmation.de) [http://www.solid-ground-entertainment.com](http://www.solid-ground-entertainment.com) [http://www.susannajerger.de](http://www.susannajerger.de) [http://www.fantasyfilmfest.com](http://www.fantasyfilmfest.com) [http://www.thomasklieber.de](http://www.thomasklieber.de) [http://www.fundemental.de](http://www.fundemental.de)

Nice trailer! Looks like a well put together film.

nice combination of 3d and stop motion. I love the feel. Very fun. :cool:

Ah, so the puppets were shot on a greenscreen, and the background were made in CG? Are the backgrounds animated or stills?

This is awesome btw.

i like it! very nice.

can you post some image of “behind the scene”?

I think this is excellent work and great fun :smiley:
Congrats to all involved.

I love the invisible man and his smoke filled lungs :lol:
And great to see Captain Spalding referenced too ( now that was a fantastic and underated horror ! )

Superb stuff. Good luck and thanks for posting it.

Thanks guys,

well, i will collect the stuff today and in the next day and show you all kinds of making-of. We took some really weird Making-OF fotos during production period. To start off, here is our layout-cut we produced shortly after the storyboard:


@Womball: Yes, you are right, puppets shot in front of /green/blue and the backgrounds were CGI. Only the ice-cold hand as character was animated CGI. Most of the backgrounds were layered stills and shifted in compositing. There are only about 5-6 Backgrounds which were rendered animations.

Here are some more goodies for you. Some Zbrush Objects, Max-Viewports and some Plates from the green/blue-screen shooting. We used Vray-Proxy-Meshes to import the high-res Objects into 3dsmax. The Generation of Displacement or Normalmaps would have taken too much time in our pipeline, so wie used this Vray Feature.






Hey Tomaskl, this stuff is really fun. I loved the trailer.Please tell everyone involved that I really enjoyed their work
Looks like something that I should go to .
When is the film fest?
Great stuff thanks for sharing

awesome! This is a very original and convincing movie. Love it:+1: no crits and 5 stars.

Thanks guys,

This really makes us proud, that you like this piece of work…

And it happend, that the posted clip (the quicktime only) was only in 1024576. We changed this today , so now its 1280720 !