This is a piece that I showcased on the Wacom events streaming series a few weeks back. With this piece, I wanted to create a character that really hearkened back to the mid-nineties Guyver Zoanoid vibe. There is nothing cooler to me than well designed practical effects in movies and I am constantly striving to achieve that quality in my 3D artwork.
The inspiration for this piece was the open snake mouth, The Scream by Edvard Munch, and a few references I found of steroid veins that were beginning to ripple under the skin. A creature whose very embrace would pump you full of poison with its fangs. Not to kill but to slowly ferment the blood so that it becomes more palatable. The body would be hidden in a safe place to age and the Fang would later return to feed once the blood and other fluids in the body were to its liking.

I got a tremendous amount of guidance from a class called The Extra Mile that is hosted by Pablo Munoz Gomez. I learned a lot from that class and his lessons really laid out what I needed to do to up my game. If you have a chance go take the class!


Fantastic work man! really well executed. I love the design and texturing work. Keep it up!

That’s a creepy creature :scream: would gain a lot if the character was posed.

Thank you. I hoping to take this dude into Substance Painter soon so I’m sure I will have lots of forum questions when the time comes.

Thank you! Posing is coming at a later time for sure. And yes that will add a lot to this guy.