Fan Art

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with you all my work that i did in my spare time. This is my first post over here, but i am following

ZBrush Central for long time, artists over here and their works are so inspiring. Thank you ZBrush Central for such a great platform.

The concept art by Fenghua Zhong.
I started this character for a speed sculpt, but i could not able to hold myself to get into the details, as the concept was so amazing.
So, i decided to match the model with the concept as close as i can. It’s a great learning for me, like, first time i used fiber mesh.
I sculpted, textured and rendered in ZBrush, then i composited in Photoshop.
Please Share your views. Thank you. :slight_smile:




Really great work!! great job on the zbrush render too. i thought it was Keyshot or something.

very very very very good !!!

MattBerg Thank you

dmitriy7365 Thank you

The skin and texturing is very nice

That’s a great result for a first go at fibermesh, nice work!

Looking great, I think I need to have a go at FibreMesh soon. Well Done!

Sam3D6 Thank you Sam :slight_smile:

James W Cain Thank You very much James, I am glad that you liked it. Your works are so awesome and inspiring. :slight_smile:

trickmonkey Thank you trickmonkey. Yes! you should go for it, Fiber Mesh is a awesome tool to use. :slight_smile:

This looks awesome. The way you used fibermesh, skin details and shader is looking very nice. I will appreciate if you can share the breakdown also.

The hair is the standout for sure, almost certainly what caused the moderators to elevate it to Top Row.

Some of the best use of FiberMesh for hair I’ve seen.

Great work.


awesome work

Really loved this piece…:slight_smile:

THANK YOU! ZBRUSHCENTRAL for the top row, it’s like dream come true for me, it really means a lot to me. On this occasion i would like to thank my parents and all my mentors. :slight_smile:

@ letmekhush : Thank you Ankush for the appreciation. sure, i was planning to post here my character breakdowns, i’ll post it soon.

@ EricShawn : Thank you EricShawn for the kind words.

@ajay pandey : Thanks Bro.

well deserved…:slight_smile:

cool character :+1:

Congrats Anand !!
this looks really cool you nailed it .

@ ankitthapliyal : Thanks buddy.

@ mpspanwar : Thank you.

@ adee09 : Thanks Pradeep, you inspired me a lot.

@ nightwoodwolf : Thank you.

@ Gurjeet Singh : Thanks Gurjeet and congratulation to you as well.

Here is some breakdowns of the model, i hope this will help you to understand my work flow. Thanks.






Fabulous work. Thanks for sharing.