Fan art of Wolfenstein 3D

Hello everyone,
I took some days during the quarantine to make a fan art of one of my childhood games, Wolfenstein 3D. Sculpted with Zbrush and textured with Substance Painter. The images are rendered in Unreal Engine 4 without RTX.

I have tried to make a mix between realistic and stylized look and I have kept the hair in lowpoly to give it a retro soul.



Fenomenal! @jmxacon (me encanta lo que has hecho con su pelo, muy buena idea) Really like what you’ve done as a low poly hair, looks great, good idea :slight_smile:

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Sick work, shading is amazing!

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@Jaime Muchas gracias! Glad you like it :+1:

@Prabhat_Majumdar Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it. :grinning: