Fallout 4 Robots

Hey all, I had the opportunity to design and create this guy for Fallout 4 as well as a few of the other bots. It was a fun experience and I was able to do all the concept work in ZB which was great. I decided to make this illustration of Sentry Bot for fun. I will probably follow it up with Assaultron and Mr Handy eventually as well. I am still working on it and would like to share it so far before I finalize it for a poster I would like to make. Feedback welcome! :slight_smile:



Oh man ! I wanted to see the real fallout highpoly models since ages ! They’re so cool ! You did a super nice job ! (And I had some tough times with that guy in game lately ! :lol:) Would it be possible to post some others pics ?
Huge work ! Thanks for posting !

Thanks Mandrin here are some more shots soon will try to get some closer detail shots soon


Super cool man ! Thank you ! Can’t wait to see more !

Looks great! Love the design!

Great bot! I really like the welding seams. it adds a nice touch of realism. :+1:

So I can finally share this 3d print I have been working on. I created this print about two years ago using an Ultimaker and an B9 creator. The Robots were entirely modeled in Zbrush using the awesome hard surface tools/brushes and dynamesh, they all started as a simple sphere. The internals design changed a bit for the final Handy versus the 3Dprinted model But I am trying to print a new one that reflects the changes. It also features removable armor panels that are held on magnetically. My ultimate goal is to 3d print all the Fallout 4 robots in a similar fashion.



In the following image I have my original prototype on the left and my latest one on the right. As you can see I ended up making him alot bigger. He actually stands about 18 inches now. (Fun Facts: The first version actually talked when you pressed down on the stand and would say lines from the game. I ended up removing that from the latest version but made the newer version with removable armor panels to expose the mechanical insides. They both have light up stands.


Here is a little preview of the Protectron Im currently working on:

I hope you guys enjoy, more images coming soon!!

This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.


So Im adding non robot stuff, but here is some character work I did for Fallout 4 That I hope you guys find interesting. I designed the character creation system to be fed multiple texture sets which can then be blended together across different regions of the face using completely different base texture sets. We then allowed the player to layer scars/blemishes/tattoos/makeup on top of that.



Adding a few work in progress shots of the Mister Handy statue I 3d printed.




Great feeling! It’s a amazing work!

Here is a piece of concept art I did for Automatron DLC Rust Devil Mod Theme


Super nice, as always, I didn’t play the DLC, but i’ve seen a few videos and those guys looks really great !
What printer do you use ? I think about buying one, but I cant figure the real quality impression on the merc sites, a good photo of the print speaks better I think. :smiley:

Here is the final Sentry Bot poster I created. I updated it quite a bit based on feedback and completely rerendered it. I hope you guys like


I am also in the process of 3d printing Sentry bot. This is the first prototype model Im printing on an ultimaker. I will be printing the final version of it though on a MoonRay:





Here is the alternate Sentry Bot illustration that has a cross section showing the inner workings of the bot.


Been loving watching the 3D Printing of the Sentry Bot! Looking forward to seeing the end result!! This is amazing!


A wonderful render of a fab design.
One can hear the clanking , smell the smoke and feel the steam:+1:

Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Joseph thanks dude! you made me feel like a slacker when you showed me all your amazing projects. I had to try to do something to reduce my insecurity :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some images on my latest progress with the 3d printed prototype.


Could I have a copy of those 3d files, I have been wanting an accurate protectron model for a while but none of the models but this one look right. I would really appreciate it.