Fabio Paiva - new sketchbook !!! (nudity)

Hello everyone, I´m starting this new thread so I can show you my studies!
Comments are always welcome!!

This is a comiquette I modeled from an Adam Hughes drawing. I just loved modeling her!

I wanted to do something for 3D printing, so it´s all closed and ready btw!
Inspired by the sideshow thread =]

Hope you like it!


great stance and weight shift looks fantastic

very nice start man. I would work on the forms a little but overall, nice job. :slight_smile:


Awesome !! please print this !:+1:

mmmmm Aayla Secura, The hips could be wider. Beautiful work Fabio, What Sideshow thread are you refering to?


Amazing!I like

Great work…love them both! :+1:

Models are both awesome, but I’ve got to give you some jive for the color on ‘pin-up’- those tones are locked in tight- great fg/bg harmonies + prioritization. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks Fabio, that link to poboyross’s work just changed my perception, amazing sculptures he’s done. No wonder you were inspired to do Aayla, have you seen her on The Clone Wars TV series.

your Aayla is gorgeous !! great job

VERY cool work!
Best regards, Selwy


really beautiful work. :+1:

excellent work - I love the pinup :slight_smile:

Really cool stuff I love it all!

Amazing work! You have a great style, your characters have a true sense of life and mass to them.

Great work! Would be ace to see actual photos of these once they have been printed! :smiley:

yeah! fabio. great work.
really like the pin up too.


awesome work! love the pin up as well :smiley: