Expose 5 Submission

Here is my Expose 5 Submission, I completely forgot to upload the final version on this site. Thanks again for all those who critiqued it on cgsociety ( as the image is on there :rolleyes: )


WOW!!! realllly nicely done mate!!! :eek:

c’mon man…you ain’t foolin’ anyone…this is a photo! :smiley:

great work!

This is marvelous…very realistic :+1: :+1:

Looks good! But there seems to be a ghosted image of the bottom edge of the nose right underneath it. Almost like your texture isn’t lining up quite right.

yeah I had some issues with the nose texture, after many nights of chugging dr.pepper I finally just said " Oh well, at least I finished :smiley: )


wow that really is an amazingly realistic pic, simply stunning.