Export Options Disappeared in 2021.7.1

Does anybody know what happened to these export options.
quad, tri, txr, flp, Mrg, Grp, Smooth normals

They are no longer available in the new version of zbrush. this is all i see in my zbrush interface now
buttons gone

have they been moved to a new module or menu item?


They have been moved to the Preferences>ImportExport>Export sub-palette. This is so that it’s a global setting and you don’t have to set them for each subtool.


Thanks Marcus

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Cool, but why does Pixologic hate alphabetical order? :slight_smile:

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Where have these options moved to now in 2021.6.6? There is no ImportExport menu in preferences for ZBrushCore.

really, you don’t see this?

it’s easy to miss

I’m not aware of these options ever being a part of ZBrush Core.


My apologies, I didn’t realize that Zbrush core is an entry level version of the main zbrush product.

Don’t mess with these, okay? Please, this feature I just spent half an hour looking for where this feature went! It’s abominable!!!