Export history as OBJ sequence

Is anybody out there interested in writing a script/plugin that can export the entire history as a sequence of *.obj’s.

My current workflow is painfully slow and involves exporting a normal state - morphed state - followed by a re-dynamesh and a repeat of the first procedure. Once I’ve done this 20 times, I have roughly 3-4 seconds of animation. So you can see the problem I face. The manual way also limits the creative flow of the model. With a script/plugin, I could potentially work from sculpting point A - export the 200-300 steps and then animate that as a referenced sequence in my host application.

Would be really pleased if somebody could help out in this department, as it opens up a lot of creative potential.


It not too difficult to write a macro that does this. Save the file to your ZBrush 4R6 /ZStartup/Macros/Misc folder and press Macro>Reload All Macros. You should then have a new button Export History OBJs in the Macro>Misc sub-palette. Press the button and you’ll get a Save As file dialog. Give the file a name and the sequence will be saved out with numbers automatically added.

Download here:

Thanks Marcus :+1:

Thanks Marcus. Will give it a try now.

Worked like a charm. I appreciate you helping out as quickly as you did. Thanks again.

Great! :slight_smile:

This is such a cool time saver script for exporting multiple morphs in obj format, thank you.

I will poke at the script to see if I could do the same for FBX…

I’m afraid that won’t work because you can’t run two scripts or plugins together.