Experiment#247 and Gummy, 3D print to Latex mask

This is a project I always wanted to try, using the skills that I know and use them to step away from a keyboard a little.
Using the Form2 to print big scale models and challenge myself while doing it, as I wanted to learn about the mask making process, molding and casting, airbrushing, hair punching etc…
This is not an ‘‘How to’’ as I’am not experienced with it and it was my second attempt at all this, but more about the journey and what I learned and tried along the way.
Thanks, it was a blast to make and even more fun to act while wearing the suit and see people’s reactions during monsterpalooza 2019.

Full video process is available on my

Final full costume I made to walk around the monsterpalooza convention this year


final sculpt and quick color concept

Details of the sculpt, I went heavier than i would usually do but a lot of details are lost during the final stone mold and latex, and I could have pushed them even further.


Once finished I exported the model to preform to create the shell I would use a boolean, I used preform instead of zbrush as it gave me more precision to make the exact wall thickness I needed along with checking and fixing some potential errors.
Once done, I brought it back to Zbrush, zremeshed and it was good to go.


Then I used a box with the form2 build platform to separate all my pieces and make sure it would fit properlly.


mini first test print and just one of the many parts


all the pieces ready for cleaning and assembly


the print all assembled and ready to be cast

Brush on silicone mold in order to keep my original print “safe” otherwise the final stone mold would have destroyed it.

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I then used the new silicone mold to run a monsterclay bust, to rework, clean the seams etc…

Final monster clay bust reworked and cleaned up

another mold ! ready for the final stone in ultracal


clan up and latex pour, I usually wait 2h30 in order to get a nice thick layer and then let it dry for 24h


Oh I also 3d printer my own roller from the brushes that I used on the 3d sculpt to detail the clay version, matching the kind of details I had on the 3d sculpt
I used https://pablander.selz.com/item/zbrush-skin-brushes-pack


ready for airbrushing and epoxy gloss phase

some hair punching madness using a needle and some yak hair.

and the final result ready to be worn.

Fun times !

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CONGRATS , this is TR material.

Turned out amazing! Thanks for sharing the detailed workflows =)


Thanks, glad you guys like it.
and i feel your pain Joseph for printing big projects with the form2, still worth it !

Wow, Chapeau !!! Amazing work and Workflow process, Congratulations!!!

Very cool, that kid looks like he going to run lol. Job well done.

Fantastic artwork!

Great --Outstandingly disturbing costume. Thanks for the process pics. Totally insane creativeness. The 3d printed texture “rollers” are great too.

this looks great

Killer job on this Max!

martin6canaleWow, Chapeau !!! Amazing work and Workflow process, Congratulations!!!

Haha, merci beaucoup Martin !

And thanks guys !
yeah seems like the “rollers” are a hit, I might skip the high frequency detail in 3d for the next one and just print more rollers for the clay version, I will be able to print faster with a lower resolution.

Noice !