Exclusive desktop sculptural souvenir for the company's clients

Hi, everyone!
I want to show you some interesting project that I did a few years ago.

This work is an exclusive sculptural desktop souvenir for customers of the “Techline” company,
which is a wholesale distributor of electrical equipment.
So, they wanted to make some unique desktop souvenir, in the form of a sculpture of an electric pole.

…“electric pole sculpture”… what should it look like and how will it be possible to make it in the form of a small tabletop sculpture??? …because there are so many parts and thin wires… at first it didn’t look like a simple task…

But after thinking about several different options, I suggested to make not one, but two poles, which makes it possible to show the long wires in the sculpture.
In addition, it turned out to be possible to show some differences between the equipment on different poles.

And on the base of the stand, I placed the company’s website address and a pocket for business cards in the form of a decorative stone with the company’s logo.

The result was a really beautiful and functional sculpture.
So, I hope everyone who gets this souvenir will be happy to have it on their desktop.

*** …the images below show some simple renderings of a sculptural model from my ZBrush workspace
(usually, the model details are much better visible in the standard shader, so I often add them to the main, artistic renders)

Also, usually I do 3D–printed prototype of a digital sculpture to evaluate how it will look in real life.

…Well, that’s it.
The customer is happy. I hope you like this idea too :slight_smile: