Everyweek project

#Everyweek is a project we started at work, everyweek a new theme, and I am trying to acomplish one image a week. It has to be simple and doable in a few hours… We are entering the 6th week now, and I would like to share the latest works… I will post one each day not to flood the topic, and after the first 5, weekly updates (I hope)



Oh my! This is so legit! Love it. Loooove it. Well done. More info on your pipeline/renders/brushes?

Not so tricky, used zspheres for the shape, Clay buildup for mouth carving, and usual move brush for refining, shape… dam standard in the eyes, dynamesh and zremesher… hair was done from extract. Render in 3dsmax and Corona renderer.

Hair is done in 3dsmax native hair and rendered with Corona Renderer

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And VERY funny!

hahhaa i love this last one!

Great work!

Best laugh I’ve had in awhile!

Thank you guys, here is one more. Week theme was marmita, which is literaly the lunch box you prepare at home and take to your work…

Big smile. Lovely work.