EVE Amarr Statue

Hello there.

So, I want to share some work from the vast space of EVE.

This is a statue done for the Amarr establishments in collaboration with Andrei Cristea (undoz).
I worked on the clothing and the pedestal and Andrei did the body and piping stuff.

The concept was done by Lúðvík Kalmar Víðisson at CCP.

The final render was done in 3ds Max, Mental Ray.





clean sculpting ! nice :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

nice work

Looks good!

interesting stuff! :+1:

Great scupture!

very cool great sculpts

Hey jakob aka bokaja,

WOW Nice detailes, love the powerful expression and the face has amazing detailes — Keep posting nice to see you on zbrushcentral again:-)


Thanks for comments, glad you all like it :+1:

Hey Danny boy, long time no see. You got some cool stuff going on yourself - always inspiring :sunglasses:


Stunning!! This was used in the EVE game? Or PR material?

Thanks, dustbin1_uk.
Yes, it’s on display in EVE in the Amarr bloodline establishments.