EtSch - Gods

I have posted works before, that were based on a story I’ve been writing. Until now I’ve been making new threads for each character, but I sorta wanted to consolidate things a bit and make a couple different threads that would each contain similar concepts.

This thread I will be dedicating to the gods of my fantasy world.

The first I’ll be posting is…

Flex Pose 1_ZBC_Thumb.jpg


Linnoss Title.jpg

Flex Pose 1_ZBC_1.jpg

Flex Pose 1_ZBC_2.jpg

The expressions in their faces are priceless :smiley:

It’s brilliant, love those expressions, and very nice sculpting too.

Here’s another render of a different pose.

I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying comping together different Zbrush renders in Photoshop. I think they look a lot better than any of the straight out O’ Zbrush renders I’ve done before. Hopefully the images aren’t getting to big for everyone to see.

I still have a couple more images to comp together for this character before I move on.

PS: thanks for the replys guys. I really tried to get the personality of the character across in the poses and expressions.

[Thinker_B_Comp_A Thumb.jpg]Thinker_B_Comp_A 3.jpg

Lovely narrative, great expressions. the matcaps make them look like mechanical people/gods… i like that idea a lot! :slight_smile:
Cool stuff :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Here are a couple more renders. That’s two down… one to go.<o></o>
<o></o>Everyone thinks he’s an idiot.<o></o><o></o>

But none of them realize that it’s all just an act.<o></o>

He pretends to be childish.<o></o> <o></o>

And he does enjoy the game while he’s playing it.<o></o> <o></o>

But once the game is over, the illusion breaks, and the true face comes out.<o></o> <o></o>

I’ve lived long enough to catch glimpses of it.<o></o> <o></o>

When someone makes a deliberately blasphemous remark; or when some poor soul, who’s got no business being in his lands, crosses over its borders. Accidentally, or otherwise. <o></o> <o></o>

But he’s always careful not to leave that face out for too long.<o></o>
And it’s always more unnerving with him, because he’s normally so carefree.<o></o> <o></o>

To suddenly see all trace of humor vanish from his eyes.<o></o> <o></o>

You never expect it.<o></o> <o></o>

You end up getting so used to the jester, that you don’t believe he’s capable of being anything more.<o></o> <o></o>

And that’s the point.<o></o> <o></o>

After all…<o></o> <o></o>

Where better to hide the face of the devil, than behind the mask of a fool.<o></o> <o></o>~Llyr<o></o>

[![God Faces_ AA_Thumb.jpg|440x240](upload://5qMY7jwpzsQEDc4p7pmbBmkHkkC.jpeg)](javascript:zb_insimg('198634','God%20Faces_%20AA.jpg',1,0))


Casual Sit_A_Comp_AA.jpg

God Faces_ AA.jpg

Here are the last of the renders for this character. They’re not perfect, and the environments were kind of an after thought, but to be honest, I’ve been working on this guy for so long that I’m a little burnt out on him.
I’ll probably still post some turnarounds of the neutral poses but other than that I think I’m done for now.

Any comments, questions or criticisms are more than welcome. Specifically I think the pose could be a little more dynamic. So if anyone has any tips on how to make it a little more interesting I’d be glad to hear/ see them.

Thanks in advance.:wink:

[Chain Whip Cust_Thumbnail.jpg]Chain Whip_ Right 2 Med.jpg


Chain Whip Cust_Wallpaper.jpg

have him reaaaaaaaaally leaning against all that weight to add some dynamics to it. i’d imagine regardless of how strong he is it’d take a lot of force to get all those bones moving the way you want or slow them down, if you can show a bit of that strain in the body i think it’d look a lot better. right now it’s just too casual.

@ lucaswschmidt: Thanks for the advice. I’ll give that a try.

For now here are some closeups and a F+B of his chaos form.



Linos TA.jpg


Thought I’d post my Initial 2D concept that I had done a while back.

[Linoss Low.jpg]