Escher - Stair cases


Lately I’ve been looking at Escher’s drawings. There quite interesting.
I’ve designed one of his more famous drawings. :wink:


Maurits Cornelius Escher :cool:

100 views…1 reply?
What did you model this with and what Zbrushed bits?
Looks great however it was built.

It would be cool if you can add the characters walking around. Also making them look like they were sketched out like in the original image. So far is looking very very good! I love all his art work. He’s very inpiring!

Ok, have a good day!

Javier Loredo.

Excelente actualización de Escher. Un trabajo impecable…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

What I love about ZBrush sadly is not perceived by many, even the masters, maybe thats just me. It´s the fact that it not here to take over the world, even though it could have. Its the fact that its not only a monster maker tool.

Its a revolution!

Sorry my Blah Blah! and my crude English, and fan boyish.

Nice work.

My prediction is that it’s just a matter of time before Lemmonaddo replies to this thread, just watch…
I am all about the organic, but the masters of geometry amaze me.

This doesn’t appear to be a ZBrush render, or ZBrush modeling. What role did ZBrush play in its creation?