escaping the lab - *.obj for download added

I really love the cart with the cloth. It reads as very believeable to me, the cloth especially, I particularly find it hard to work on cloth. Great work, keep it up :slight_smile:

Hi Pavlin,

yeah. Cloth is really hard to get right. IĀ“m not 100%
satisfied with the above, the sheet lost some feeling
of wheight while I optimized it into the lowrez-version.
IĀ“ll rework it a bit while I finish painting in those folds.

Below is another image showing my texturingprocess
in general, neither requires ZBrush nor a Wacom really.
But Zbrush helps quite a bit in projecting large chunks
of texturereference onto the mesh, even from weirdest
angles as the basecolorlayer to fiddle with in Photoshop,
then go back and forth between apps to finetune things.




nice trick with wires. Didnt think of that yet. great renders too!

doood this thread rocks!!!:smiley:

Been offsite working a bit the last month or so
instead of going for holidays - well, next yearā€¦

Whatever, havenĀ“t had too much time to do
anything too brave but at least managed to
get some halfdecent renderings out of mR.

Am currently working on the props and also
still redo edgeloops here and there, actually
would even like to change major parts, too.


Hope you like those images, itĀ“s been quite
a hassle to get mR to put out these buggers.
Photoshoped for effect, here, there and there.






and thx for the ZTL :cool:


Thanks Frenchy!

Hi guys,

IĀ“m so happy I bought ZBrush two years ago, I canĀ“t wait to use it :slight_smile:
Seriously, itĀ“s wonderful to be able to just paint without worrying about UVĀ“s.

Can anyone recommend some good metal shaders or workflows to create
the basecolor for good metals, chrome and all sorts of rust to be later
rendered in mentalray (Maya/XSI). I find it very hard to get the tones
and reflectivity right, as is noticable in the wip image below, too.
Would really love to improve my curent results, make them shine.






Really like the look of this sceneā€¦ Iā€™ve only had good results with Mayaā€™s chrome but it takes time!

Using Jeremy PronkĀ“s (www.thereisnoluck.com) ToLightSuite I
managed to create a nice blurred, selfoccluded metal on a still.
ThatĀ“s some two years ago, just went through the comp but
for whatever reason canĀ“t recreate it or bake it down to a
basecolor. Well, guess IĀ“ll have to have another look at it.

There must be some way of getting it right, I do have bright
moments where the metal looks good in a frame but not yet
in animation - created reliably (done from knowledge, not by luck :).
Oh wellā€¦IĀ“ll see that I use more ZApplink, got me loads of reference.


Another cold wip sample image, all colormaps (exept floor) in ZBrush:


nice stuff!:+1:

Finally got to see The Blob again last weekend, sucked me in, so to say.

Took that as an excuse to get hands on with the Silo/Topology Brush
and to maybe even get to try the TopoGun Beta on my stuff, clothsolves
converted to meshsnippets, mixed with all sorts of XSI weightmap voodoo,
stuck together, tweaked and retopologized, then detailed in ZBrush ā€¦

ā€¦quite a linear workflow, right?..ahemā€¦

Not finished, of course. But since I have to do so many things
simultaneously, I really enjoyed the somewhat relaxing experience
of sticking stuff together and just_maybe cleanup later, not in advance.

Not sure wether IĀ“ll have the time to work on it a bit more, which sucks :slight_smile:






Well, not much of a progress in terms of finishing anything
but quite some nice new tricks and toys to bounce back
and forth inbetween. Refining topology, finding an excuse
to redo everything as clean as possible. I like thatā€¦Silo thing.


As I said, not much of an update but marks quite a milestone
in terms of workflow. Can now conveniently merge everything down
into singlemesh surfaces - itĀ“s tedious and still quite slow but rewarding.
Or just push myself to finally dare weird variations, just cleaning up laterā€¦


The above are based on the *.obj file posted at the beginning of
this thread. The mesh has by now been used quite a bit, even as
a digital ā€œautopilotā€ for print - like a hommage to ā€œJĀ“sā€ MiB II limousine.
Thanks to Daniel for lending his face and Michael for the hands on attitude!








Oh well, another one of those wip images.


But to me it is more than that. It marks the point where, after
years of fighting myself through all sorts of programs - I finally
get back to enjoying 3D. Simply because the renderings look betterā€¦

Over the course of the last year, Harry Bardak helped me alot
in getting mental ray to spit out images that donĀ“t look totally off.
Thanks to him I finally see my work in progress in a nice light.
Now from there, mixing ZBrush, Photoshop, Maya, XSI, Silo, doo
or whatnot is getting rewarding, fun and fast enough to toy with.

ThatĀ“s why I post this image, pointing people to the importance
of gamma in rendering, both for output and sourceimage interpretation
as well as attaching a huge warning sign to anything optimistically
called physically based, like what people associate with mR/FG and GI.

Cost me years of my life filled with frustration to find out itĀ“s optimized.
Thanks for that, IĀ“d prefer physically accurate by far - itĀ“s the pure logicā€¦



P.S: I didnĀ“t upload the image, so it doesnĀ“t show up as a thumb
under ā€œrecent uploadsā€ as it isnĀ“t so much a great piece done in Zbrush.



very kewl threadā€¦thnx for the toolsā€¦

Love the truckā€¦looks outstanding to meā€¦you do some high quality work.

thnx for sharing


Hey Ron,

thanks for the kind works. Glad you like the stuff!



Got it. Finally. Got close to a nervous breakdown.
Now that IĀ“ve got it, hereĀ“s the first resultā€¦