Error with Topology Brush (?)


Hello, I´m currently working on this face and I encounterd this problem that i can´t solve.
It seems to be that two vertices were drawn but they aren´t on the mesh, so i tryed deleting them with Alt+drag but i´t doesn´t recognice it. Theni tryed using a brush with curve mode activated so i could try and get them back to the mesh, but as soon as I select another brush those vertices dissapear.
I went to previuos files of this proyect but, even tho i think that they are not there, if i continue to work,it appears later on. I also tryed deleting the curves which seem to be those vertices coming from, but again,they appeard again.
I would be really greatfull if someone could help me solve this.
Thank you!!

Hi @Uhclys!

Try alt-dragging a topology line anywhere on an empty portion of your mesh, intersecting no other lines drawn with the topo brush. This should delete any exterior lines and points not contributing to a polygon.

If those fly-away points are actually creating polygons, you need to delete those polygons. Start alt-dragging a point on your mesh, then draw it out to intesect those polygons in empty space.

Otherwise, I’m not sure how this happens, but I have seen it happen before. Usually, when you delete a line it takes the points with it, but it is possible to leave some points orphaned if you do it just right (or wrong, more accurately.)

If the above doesn’t work, you may have to ctrl-Z until you find where the problem started. If that is no longer an option, you may need to start over, being more mindful this time. You could also generate the mesh, then clean up the unwanted points manually with ZModeler.

Hi @Spyndel! Thank you so much for taking your time and try to help me.
Alt-dragging on a empty space doesn´t work either as well as trying to interserct the polygons. I generated the mesh yesterday and it looked like a disaster, i will try that again, maybe i can still fix it. If not, i will start again and try with Zspheres.
Thank you again!!

Sorry you’re not having any luck.

Starting your retopo over again shouldn’t be too painful though. The whole point of the topo brush is that it’s pretty fast.

If you’ll forgive me a few observations, the topology you’re drawing is a little denser than is necessary. Generally with the topo brush, you’re just drawing out edges where you need them to be, and enough interior fills to establish polyflow and spacing. Let subdivision do the work of creating denser polygons. Keep it as simple as possible.

For an organic mesh of that sort that doesn’t need topology that precise, ZRemesher would probably be much faster and easier way to create new topology of the density you’re aiming for than manually drawing it out.

It can´t really be seen on the picture, but those are really little teeth.
Believe me i tryed many ways to make ZRemesher work and it didn´t, It just eliminated directly those teeth, thats why i resorted to the topology brush. I know, it has to have as less polygons as it can.
Update: So far i duplicated the face and started with the topology brush on that one where i left off on the other one, so later i will try to merge them with the ZModeler. I had o duplicate because, on the first face, even tho i eliminated the Polygons and all the lines that where having that Problem and continued working on it, those strange polygons appeard again.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @Spyndel,
I wanted to let you know that i started the retopology with the Topology brush on a duplicate of the same subtool andencountered the same Problem: those Polygons appeard again. This time i found when they appeard: it happend after i was drawing some lines, just like before, and then they where there. I still can´t figure out why and how it happens.
Do you know if i could get in contact with someone that could help me?
Thank you for your time