Erick Sosa collectible sculptor, new to ZB ( Gallery)

Hi all,
My name is Erick Sosa, I am a 35 year old professional sculptor. I have been sculpting since my wee years.
I started sculpting professionally at the age of 17 at Mattel toys, and ever since I have been doing toys, and lately ( past 7 years) statues for the collectibles industry.
I have worked for most of the big players in the industry, and love what I do. I have been sculpting traditionally for 18 years, and while I love it, the industry seems to be leaning more towards digital, so I decided to learn it! SO here I am.

I recently started playing with Zbrush, and took Ryan Kingslien’s online class, needless to say that helped me take off on my ZB journey.

I am still a complete neophyte, and have teamed up with Alex Pereira a seasoned CG animator, and friend.

Together we have created quite a few statues for the Marvel Universe and other properties.
I have recently started taking some online classes with David Richardson a very cool guy and a CG genius, and hopefully soon i will be able to create my models without worrying so much about my limitations.
I hope you will enjoy the images, they span from my very first zsketch to older stuff.


alien play.jpg


ERix hulkzb.jpg



pacino wip.jpg


boon pacino 4.jpg


Liking your stuff, keep it coming :+1:

Thank you very much, I am just trying to figure out how to add more images :slight_smile:

Hi Eric! I discovered you work years ago on the sculptor corner website and i just see that this website no longer exist…
If i well remember you sculpted a really cool ryu, and a lot of other great models.
i’m think it’s really a great news that you join the zbrush community and i can’t wait to see your next jobs.
Awesome models are coming here for sure!

Thank you Julien!
I am glad you like my humble works. As my images seems to be too large to be viewed here, I am attaching a link to my online portfolio both CG and traditional stuff.

whoot!!!awesome!!! you and the kucharek Bros. are my favorites!!!

Hi Erick,
Big Fan of your work!
Looking forward to more :+1:

Another huge fan of your work… Really awesome at Physical Sculpting and now digital too! :+1:

I’m all for learning new things, and you seem to be picking this up wonderfully…BUT DON’T STOP SCULPTING FOR KOTO!!!They Need you.

Awesome dude! Cant wait to see more from you man!

Welcome to ZbrushCentral :slight_smile:
Glad you made it on here, really nice work and great start on here!:+1:
Totally digging your head sculpts, the anatomy is looking really solid and clean and the creatures are very interesting aswell!
Definanly keep up the hard work and have fun sculpting. The workshops with Ryan on zbw are every penny worth, really highly professional tutorials!
All the best to you and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Thank you all.
Here’s the newer stuff I’ve been doing :slight_smile:
Superman, represents 10 hours of work, ( I am very slow, and I am still learning compared to you guys).
He is also my latest ZB model, and not done yet.

Thnk you ,


Very cool sculpts and prints. If you have time, could you explain how you prepare the model with the male and female pieces for print? Is that something you do in ZBrush or Maya/Max after the sculpt is complete? Thanks.

Holy smokes I heard of a 6 pack but that Superman is RIPPED hahaha. Nice job

Nice,cool stuff dude love the hawk hahahaha ,althooooough…other then the head turn,Supes pose looks a lot like the Randy Bowen Nova and he is even on a big rock hahaha ha!

Looking good. LOVE seeing those pieces out of the 3d printer.

What model are you guys using? How much clean-up is involved? I’ve only had experience getting my pieces printed via an Objet Eden at 16 microns, which required some wet-sanding on my part to smooth 'em out.


Thank you guys, sorry for the late reply,Comic con deadlines, no rest until preview night :slight_smile:
Brian, glad you like him, actually this is exactly the pose my client requested, this is a private commission, not for a company otherwise I wouldn’t have used that pose.
We’ve tweaked it a tad, but it is very similar.
Sketchguy: I am using an Ultra HD the parts come out super clean hadrly any build lines, and if any you can buff them out with a sanding sponge.
Thank you all again, and thanks Pixologic for featuring this thread :slight_smile:
I’ve got a lot of other stuff that I will be showing soon… tons of Street Fighter Stuff (My own product/Licensed).

Hi guys,
Here’s my new Sagat teaser from Street Fighter.
Soon to be a 1/6th model kit.

Hi guys,
This is something I did in between projects.
I find it that when I am really stressed out, sculpting or in this case modeling in 3-D relaxes me. This just a sketch done in Zbrush, hair is an extraction, then turned into a dynamesh piece.
I grew up watching this cartoon, and I had the entire line up of characters for all my favorite cartoons sculpted in Plasticine. Ghostbusters was my favorite cartoon, closely followed by Mazinger Z or Tranzor Z, Thundercats, Silverhawks, etc.
It was fun working on this for a bit.