Hi there!

right after watching a stream about the new version of Zbrush, I immediately decided to check how Redshift works.

I usually use Keyshot, but recently I’ve been trying to integrate into C4D (mostly because of Redshift), and then SUDDENLY it turns out that it’s available right in Zbrush.

In general, my recent speedsculpt was chosen for the first test. Here is the first result with standart white plastic material, looks pretty good (as for a 1-minute setup lol)

After a little tinkering with the materials and redshift ‘things’:

The next stage took place in the same ‘long 5-minute editing’ in Photoshop.

In summary, I want to note that the integrated redshift is great, and only tinkering with the environment can force you to use other software to deal with it.

P.s.: here is the cool black eye material I achieved:

turntable →