Environments With Tate Mosesian : Follow up to the ZClassroom tutorial

My name is Tate Mosesian and I am a lead environment artist at Naughty Dog. I recently created an IMM brush tutorial for Z classroom on the Pixologic web site. The video series describes techniques I use at Naughty Dog for creating tiling textures for game environments. The 4r4 release has so many great new features added, but when I saw the IMM brush I knew exactly how I would be able to improve my technique for sculpting textures. The brick wall was obvious and easy to demo but the possibilities for this workflow are endless.

One of the reasons I’m starting this thread is to answer a question that keeps popping up: Why am I losing my polypaint colors when I drag out my insert brush?

I created the tutorial during a time when it was possible to preserve the polypaint colors in IMM brushes as they were being dragged out; however, in the short time between the creation of the tutorial and the release of 4r4 Pixologic slightly changed the functionality. You can still retain the polypaint colors its just a slightly different workflow.

Make sure colorize is selected from the polypaint tab in the tool menu. If you want to retain polypaint colors, turn RGB off. If you want to fill the brush with the currently selected color, turn RGB on. The same method applies to materials.
I hope this helps.

Here are some diffuse textures that were created for the Desert Village level in Uncharted 3 using the same workflow:














I’m busy making bricks right now for this tutorial. I love it so far. I also LOVED Uncharted 3 and all the design work that went in to the game. Thank you so much for all of these tutorials :slight_smile:

Hey Tate,
Thanks for the great tutorial. I’m a Maya guy just getting into ZBrush. In your tutorial I noticed when you made the insert brush you got the poly count way down. How did you do that. I’m using 4r5 and can’t for the life of me see how you did it. I followed the whole thing and I love it but, with such a high poly count I’m stuck.


Hello Tate,

First of all … thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge :stuck_out_tongue: … it was really helpful!! And for letting us know how to fix the poly paint problem cause you were right… Pixologic slightly changed the functionality…

Just one question over here… cause i saw that from the creation of the pieces to the end of same video (Part 2)… when you charged all the tools… there was a huge change in the amount of polygons in scene… Would you mind giving us a little bit more of that wisdom?! :stuck_out_tongue: lol!..

Many thanks in advanced… again… great tutorial! BTW: I’m using R6 over here…

Jose Fiedler

Hi again…

Problem solved! lol! thanks a lot for this great tip! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my first try… looking good so far… :cool:

Best Regards,

Jose Fiedler