Environment Art Organic Sculpts and Free Stuff!

Hey guys, so this is my first time posting anything on here, but I wanted to start sharing some of my work with the Zbrush community. I’ve been gaining a lot of Zbrush knowledge over the years and I wanted to share some of the textures/materials/environments that I have been making with it over time. Most of my renders are in Marmoset or the Unreal Engine and I will try to list the images by date so maybe you guys can see some progress as time goes on. I’ve also included the link to some of my free brushes and breakdowns that I have made over time. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

For any questions comments and updates please feel free to checkout my Facebook page. I will be adding some more free brushes, breakdowns, and I am currently working on a full length tutorial for creating a tiling environment landscape texture. Thanks!

August 2014

Free Breakdowns and Zbrushes

Now onto the meat here with all of the beauty shots from over the years. Hopefully they still hold up these days with all of the incredible art being made these days.

September 2014

October 2014










… Images Continued

November 2014


July 2015


September 2015

December 2015

I am currently working on finishing up the editing of a Tutorial that I made which heavily uses Zbrush to create an environment art texture. I have a small preview image here for it and for more update be sure to checkout my facebook page. Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:


Loving the results. Eager to see the tutorials. Keep up the great work.:+1:

Welcome to ZBC! Good first post. Very nice looking work!
Surprised the response hasn’t been bigger. Oh, and thanks for the freebies, too! :+1:

Thank you for the Alphas :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the tutorials!

Thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the work and the freebies! I will be posting a few more freebies along with the tutorial when I finish it also and I’ll continue to update this thread with more sculpts as time goes on. Hopefully they will just start piling up haha

Fantastic detail! looking forward to tutorial.


Very impressive work! You should pose some ZBrush screenshots to let us compare between end result and the assets you built! :slight_smile:

great stuff. Looking forward to your next post. Agree with Totyo, some more ZBrush screenshots would be awesome.

You’re totally right guys! Thanks for the comments, I’ll share some of the zbrush images here too

I’ll first start off with one more render that I forgot. This is a “remastered” version haha of the Grass Mud and Puddles that I made just a couple of months ago. Enjoy :smiley:

And now onto the rest of the zbrush images/sculpts for the work I’ve been sharing so far. I hope you guys enjoy them! I’ll try to be sure to take some zbrush screenshots of my most recent forest ground when I’m all finished up with it too :slight_smile: Thanks for looking everyone



Hey everyone! The tutorial is finally out :smiley:
For those that are interested, it has 25+ HD Videos, Over 14 hours, and we cover the entire creation process of making a tiling forest ground texture.
I really hope this all helps you guys and I appreciate everyone’s support and feedback in making this tutorial. It will be on sale for the whole first week with $10 off! Head on over to gumroad and check it out!

Thanks again everyone and enjoy, happy learning!


Youtube Preview:


I have also created some more free brush alpha’s for you guys AND a 1 hour long intro to zbrush course for FREE! Which covers setting up a tiling texture workflow in zbrush, gathering reference for your next project, and some simple zbrush tips and tricks to help get you started :slight_smile:
They both can also be found on my gumroad! Enjoy everyone and I hope you like it :slight_smile:



Thank you most kindly for the gifted alphas.
Your series of videos look fabulous.

brilliant thank you

Really glad you appreciate the work and I hope you enjoy the alpha’s and free content as well :slight_smile: