Hello everyone! I’m new on this forum, so I’d like to indroduce with these renders of one of my wip dude. I opened this topic for my zbrush wips and finished characters. I hope u will like it!




Here is an other angle with updated turntable:

This is my other character i’m working on, still in wip phase:

Here is the first textured version of Doomsday, i did the comp in photoshop and after effects, rendered in vray for max. I hope you will like it!


Looking cool. Only neck apears to me a little bit weird. But all in all nice work. Cheers!

this is the kind of monster where i totally **** myself, when i see it in a game/movie :slight_smile: awesome, more plz!

i think his head could be bigger and it needs to be sticking out forward more, but its a cool sculpt

Thanks! I will tweak the model further its for sure, but i wanted to check him with textures also

Here is an updtade with the turntable:

I tweaked the textures a bit, its getting better i think

Great work!! i really like Doomsday sculpt!

I had some freetime for zbrush, so i thought i practice the human anatomy a bit:


Great studies and other stuff as well. I really like the rough style of some ofyour sculpts - the torso looks like it would be carved.

I think there’s a problem with the female. The side of the torso, where she is bending it, folds looks unnatural. Also the serratus gives the feel of very muscular body like the male one.
Hope it’s ok to point that out.

Thank you! I also noticed the problem at the bending after I uploaded the image, i will fix it. You are right with the seratus, i did her too muscular, thanks!

Hey, Goliath!

Here is another speed sculpt i did just for fun:


Lots of pocahontas:) I adjusted the eyes and head shape a bit, hope u like it!


Hey! This is a quick zbrush crunch i did, I tried to capture the beautiful and strong body of a balerina. I hope u like it!


beautiful! :+1: