Enjoying 3D as a pig in the mud!

Final version for this very challenging full 3D personal project.
Why a pig in the mud? Maybe because it’s the best image that I could do to express how I enjoy my work as a 3D artist… As a pig in the mud! So I decided to go ahead with the idea and see how far I could go with all the shades about pig anatomy, posing, acting, hair, gravity effect, dynamics, liquid mud, dry mud, etc. The other thing that excited me very much was the idea of how happy a pig can be in the mud, with nothing more. Maybe we should learn from these beautiful creatures and think twice before saying that we are smarter than them ;)Thanks to all the people who have encouraged me with their coments.
Very special thanks to all the Pixologic team for developing the best 3D modeling tool #zbrush I could imagine ever!








Excellent job! That looks like one happy pig. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks you so much!! Yes! He is the happiest pig in the world :wink:

Felicidades Jordi!

Beautiful work! :+1: What other programs did you use besides ZBrush?

Outstanding work, not only technically but also in atmosphere. A joy to behold. Reminds me of children who also love playing in the mud.
And congrats on the well-merited top-row!

So cute :slight_smile: Peppa the pig life-like :wink:
Excellent job. It would be great to see some process images. :+1:

Thank you very much for your kindly words guys! :wink:

Impressive work, specially the mud sticked to the pig hairs…

Enhorabuena por el Top Row, Jordi!!

Stunning stuff. Great composition and well modeled!

Amazing piece! fantastic mud!

thanks for sharing,


Thank you!! I’ll try to do more animals in the mud as soon as I can :wink:



do you have making up of a mud effect 3d model process…?
if you have please share…

Verry cool. excellent!!!

…the mood! :slight_smile:

Porcine bliss:+1:
Bravo for this study.

This is breathtaking. It both inspires and overwhelms me as a hobbyist, just learning.

I don’t know what impresses me more. The fact that you nailed coarse, yet soft pig hair…or the mud… or the tongue… or well jeez all of it.

Incredible work. Thank you :+1:

Wow…this is amazing!

Thanks!! Lion in the mud is in process :wink: