Energise´s Sketchbook (mini-tut pge 5, 6 & 17)

Hi guys!

Thought I´d follow so many others and create my own sketchbook here! =)

I´ll kick it of with my very first Zbrush sculpt ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, it´s really hard to get into the ZB flow when you´ve spent so much time in mudbox haha!

This guy is far from done, but it would be great to get some feedback on him before i start with the details :slight_smile:

I´ll add my progress on this guy and all others to come in this thread from now on.

Cheers /Jonas

Hey Jonas, nice to see your first real Zbrush model made with your brandnew own Zbrush license. How does it feel? Youre already addicted, huh? :) I cant give you some good and useful critique because I dont know much about anatomy but IMO its looking really great so far. The ear needs more work but Im sure you already know that. Yep, yep, I know ita WIP. :slight_smile:
Happy Zbrushing!

Looking very good. The ear lobe may need some sculpt work but it sure is a good start!

Hey Moni! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah it feels great workin with ZB! yepp totally addicted :smiley:
I know you have great animal anatomy skills anyway :slight_smile:
Thanks for the crit! Now im done with this guy! Of to the next sculpt! hehe.
Starting to get the feel for the ZB interface yaaay! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot Snake! :slight_smile: Had just started sculpting the ears, hope they look better now :smiley:

By the way this is the basemesh I started out from :slight_smile:

The next sculpt will be done using reference!
This guy was done using no references, just by trying different brushes etc. :slight_smile:

Oh well… ON TO THE NEXT SCULPT! :angry:

Thought I´d show what happened to the head sculpt.

Couldn´t hold my self so I gave him some texture :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s looking awesome bud! I loke what you did with the haircut, it gives him a lot of style :slight_smile: What’s next?

Thanks man!

At the moment i´m trying to finish both my skeletor and majin buu character. making buu´s baggy genie pants in the wind is freakin hard! :stuck_out_tongue:

what have you been up to?

Hey Jonas, where are you?
I was hoping to see an update here. :slight_smile: And I wanted to say: CONGRATS! :+1:
I saw the pics in the Zblog but Im not sure which is yours. Anyways, cant wait to see it in the turntable gallery.

Heey moni! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I´ve just had so much to do…

Thanks! I´m soo happy to be part of the gallery!!

My pic was in the top right corner “skeletor” :wink:

I´m planning on posting all my latest sculpts here when the turntables are up and running! :slight_smile:

But to make the turntables I need “turntable plus” and it only works with ZB 3,5 R3… and I have´nt received my update yet :frowning: and the gallery deadline is on monday buuhuuu… :stuck_out_tongue:

I´m waiting for your updates as well madame :wink: hehe…

Hey man nice to see you here, I know what you mean going from mudbox to zbrush brush feel some what different I am used to it now. great work on the punk mohawk dude, btw Majin buu turned out awesome man.

The same, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yeah going from mudbox to ZB was a major change!

I´m some what used to it by now as well. the worst part was learning the navigation haha…

glad you like the punk and buu :slight_smile:

I will post Buu here as soon as I get to render him with zapplink and make some kind of background.

have you got a sketchbook here or something?

Good ~ Your Work is Cool :slight_smile:

Thanks jhshin!!

Just finished my latest human exercise sculpt!
Just an old dude, but hey it was a lot of fun and I learned soo much :slight_smile:
I did not step outside of ZB one time except for the compositing in photoshop.
Got to love the ZB render :stuck_out_tongue:


Great detail…love the old man head. Would look magic as a 3D Print. Ever considered getting one done?

Hey Jonas, great to see new stuff! :slight_smile:
The old man is looking fabolous!!!
Was it hard for you to model him? You know Im still busy with the old native woman.. and in my opinion modeling old people is really hard.. I didnt expect that. But as you said… its a good practise and its also a lot of fun. :slight_smile:
Cant wait to see more new work from you. Youre so talented!

Really nice job on this older guy…lots of subtle refinements around the mouth, eyes and neck have really paid off and added alot to his character and the feeling he projects…:+1:

Great work on the old man sculpt! :+1: !

niborreeb: Thanks! :slight_smile: Yeah, seeing digital sculpts in real life is so awesome!
Would definitely get a print if I could afford it!

Moni-Poroni: Hey Moni! Yepp I am keeping busy hehe. Thanks!
To be honest I was inspired by your old native woman so i had to make my own :wink: I actually did´nt find it as hard as I thought it would be.
And I learned so many new ways to use the standard alphas!
Right back at ya! you have tons of talent yourself! :slight_smile:

SpiritDreamer: Thanks! Glad you like him :slight_smile: This was a very fun sculpt to do!

Etcher: hey man! thanks! love you stuff :slight_smile:

Nice start for your sketchbook !
Can’t wait to see more !

Thanks Pepper! :smiley: There will be much more! :stuck_out_tongue: working on two sculpts at the moment hehe.