Another sketch done for Inktober2019 session. I decided to remix some of my past sculptures to speed up my work. It took me around 2 hours.


You can find more on my Instagram.


Hi Krzysztof!! How you create this particles ? Could you explain a little bit or show the process ? Looks nice!!

I build it from simple basemeshes using my favourite tools like curvebrush and nanomesh. If you want, you can see short process on that movie.

I’d like also add some screenshots with commentary.

Main base was initialized from helix base.

Thickness was done using Inflate brush.

Next, I decided to add some small extrusions using Curve Brush

The big drops of particles I did using IMM Primitives brush and I moved trails a little to have it more soft like fluid.

The small drop of fluid was created from Gizmo and PolySphere on very light dense and after that I created InsertMesh and converted to NanoMesh. Mesh

I used simple created NanoMesh on main helix base. As you can see drops looks very regular at this stage.

On the right panel of NanoMesh you can see some of my settings to have drops placed more randomly.


Thats awesome and incredible usefull!! Definitely it will help someone ! Thanks for sharing !!!

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