Elon Musk

Hello everyone,
This is Elon Musk 3D portrait. I admire Elon Musk for his hardwork, dedication and contribution to technology and mankind.
3D modeled in ZBrush, hand-painted skin texture in Substance Painter, hair in Xgen Core and rendered in Arnold.
Special thanks to Daniel Bauer, Hadi Karimi and Pietro Berto for feedbacks throughout the iterations.
Thanks for checking out. Comments and feedbacks are welcome.
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my artstation : https://www.artstation.com/saileshparajuli

smile_02 neutral_v002 lighting_beuty smile_snapshot_v001


Damn, i bet Elon himself would love it. Just a thought but you should tweet this at him. Great work and nice groom, love to see people using Xgen even tho it’s infuriating sometimes.

thanks @dns3d.exe

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