Elfquest Sculpting Odyssee

Sorry ik ga het in het nederlands zeggen.

De aanpassing aan de neus is goed , maar als je vergelijkt met de comic, is de neusvleugel hoger

Ik hoop dat tekening het aantoont.


Keep going
edit : read just now that you knew about the issue yourself , sorry :wink:

Namek een medelander? Dat wist ik niet! Dank je Namek, je tekening laat duidelijk zien waar de schoen wringt, ik weet wat me te doen staat. :+1:

thanks Namek, looks like he’s in for another nosejob!

Plakkie- Top of the tip of the nose is much better. Always nice to see you striving to get the most out of your attention to details. Your just about there with that nose. Doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it looks convincing and its lot more that it was for sure. I’m awaiting the jaw/chin line fix and maybe tweaking the saliva ducts down a tad to give him a more neutral expression. Will be watching for more, you are really going after this project so cheers to you! :+1: :+1:

Such posts keep me going AngelJ! After some more nosetinkering I will push the chin-jaw to see what it does.
But whoa! What do you mean by saliva ducts? You want him to droole? :lol:
Do you mean the corners of the mouth or another specific part?

Phew! This isn’t easy. (didn’t expect it to be) I changed the nose. Closer, but I have disturbed the cheekflesh. I think I have to focus on the bone-structure of his face for a while before getting lost in the small details (although that is tempting).




I think you are getting closer to your target, so keep moving those polys about.

Just a few little things that might help.

Maybe you could try using the tweak brush with a smallish size and pulling the corners of the mouth back towards the back of the head to increase the depression beside the mouth.

You might also try pulling a little bulge downwards out of the centre of the top lip. It’s size and shape would follow the ‘V’ formed by the bottom of the groove below the nose.

You are right the the cheek needs a bit of work. I’d start by pulling the cheek below the centre of the eye forwards a bit.

I hope that might help.

Plakkie- Your doing great. As the o’l saying goes… “No one said its going to be easy” or " Anything done right or worthwhile takes hard work". This is fun for those watching but I do feel your “pain”. Keep moving in strides, take small breaks, come back and make changes accordingly before long you’ll be done. Keep taking your time and getting your desired quality.

I think this is one of my favorite things on the entire forum.
My suggestion: I think you actualy need to exaggerate his cheekbones a little more. Cutter’s really stick way out there! Pull them out more, toward his ears and add a little more flesh to them under his eyes/define them at the corners of his nose.

BTW, what did this start life out as? A sphere3D? (New and trying to learn)



Bonecradle & Realnorth: some great tips you gave me there! I’ll certainly include them in my next scupting session. It’s interesting to see you both are telling me to push it more, make the formes more extreme and defined. My last couple of changes were very subtle one (with very low intensity settings), but if I want any striking resemblance I’ll have to be more bold. Gonna try it all, thanks! :+1:

And Realnorth: this started out with a couple of ZSpheres. Big one for the head, one for the chin, and four for the extravagant ears. I’m not very handy with ZSpheres, so I left it at that and didn’t make eyesockets or mouths or noses. I did that all later after I converted the ZSpheres into an adaptive skin. Fun thing with Zbrush: you could do this with a Sphere3D as well, or with a cube, or with an imported base mesh. Or even with the demohead that comes with Zbrush3. More ways to Rome. :sunglasses:

AngelJ: thanks for the pat on the back. Yesterday it seemed to me I would never get there. My eyes have never looked at things like this, and the curves of a face are very complex and sometimes subtle. It’s fascinating learning a bit about it by doing this. The feedback the forum users give me is a great teacher. :+1:

I took a shot at fixing jaw, chin and cheek, but I think I failed and have to try again next session.

Before I do so, I want to show you a picture and ask you all for an opinion:


Crits and opinions more welcome then ever! (judging by the last picture ;))



Hey buddy!

It’s really coming along nice :+1:
Judeging from the references (like I said, I’ve never seen the character before) your doing a very good job!
The only thing I could mention at this point is that the part of the cheekbones that goes towards the ears could be a bit smoother and thicker (from up to down) and maybe the jaw could be a bit bigger.
There’s a very fast image that I tweaked so you could compare with the image you up loaded. Hope it helps.

I like how it’s developing

Take care buddy :+1:

What?!! No hat! :smiley:


Plakkie- Yeah we all get those hours that though you worked a lot, doesn’t feel a lot was accomplished. Though it all adds up to helping you get better.

As for the questions, well it all depends what you really want out of this sculpt. Are you going for a exact clone of the original? Do you wanna keep it convincingly close but add your own take on the character. Kinda of like how different someones take on Wolverine from X-men would be compared to how someone else might do him though the fundamentals are still there to capture his likeness. This will help you determine which way you wanna go with your sculpt. Can model him as is and then deal with the ramifications of conforming to the original exactly or you can do your own take and have fun bolstering features you feel make Cutter’s personality shine.

Elarcano: hey ya buddy! Thanks a lot! That image you posted is again a bit closer to the mark, so I’ll study it and make the adjustements. Just what I needed. :+1:
And no, no hat, but hair! Lots! of! hair! (scares me to think about that part yet :laughing:) All the best to you.

AngelJ: that’s a tough question. There was once a 3D model of Cutter on the internet (it’s gone now), and when I looked at it I thought: “Hey, that’s Cutter!”. That’s all I want from my model, to look at it and instantly recognize Cutter. As the original is a cartoon drawing I guess that to make this model work it will already have to be an adepted version of the original. As long as I feel I’m looking at Cutter I’m totally happy. Right now, I don’t, so I think I have to stick close to the reference drawings until I hit upon the form that’s closest…
Does this answer your question AngelJ? I must admit until now I never thought so deep about this model. Determining a goal isn’t a bad idea I suppose.

Thanks both for spending time to help me. :+1:

Plakkie, I think once you get hair on him, it’ll help greatly with him “becoming” Cutter. I think he’s looking great. I can’t even make a happy face in ZBrush. XD

Yes you can! Load this ZScript and extend the bottom shelve to reveal the play button. :wink:

and thanks. :+1:small_orange_diamond:)

I tried again. Thanks to Elarcano´s helpful picture I got a bit closer again I feel! :slight_smile:


If I flash my eyes across the sceen quickly I do seem to recognize certain features as being Cutter. The jawline is a bit better, cheeks feel a bit closer to what it should be. For the next session I will look to the forehead and most important: the eyes. Elarcano, did you move the eyes up a bit? Some reference images seem to suggest that, but my anatomy books seem to contradict it… I’ll just try it and see if it works.

By the way: isn’t that Red Wax material great? It shows everything!

Sticking with it,



Hey Plakkie, looks really nice, I loved elfquest as well. Good to see it is still there :smiley:

I think you’re going really well, I would work maybe a little bit on the areas next to his eyes. It seems a bit round there and the skull has cavity’s there (I would presume the same goes for an elf skull :wink: ) so if you work those in it would help the whole thing come to life more. Other then that, great work!


Dank je Maxim! -cecks own skull and anatomy books- You’re right!
I’ve found some evidence that even Elf-skulls have those cavities. :smiley:


I´ll change the roundness in my next session, thanks again for making me notice. :+1:



Wow plakkie, ontzettend gaaf gedaan.

real nice, I like the skin shader as well.
Keep it going.

Rich_Art. :wink:

Thanks Richart! I’m not quitting now!
The material (skin shader) is not mine, but by Ralf Stumph. You can download it via a previous post in this thread.

(en ligt het aan mij, of zijn er meer Nederlanders op dit forum gekomen? :cool:)