Elf girl (vahid ahmadi sketchbook)

Elf girl was done and rendered in zbrush and final touches with photoshop i inspired this from a concept by daeho cha and here is main concept :

i used zmodeler for making armor and all the stuff is done completly in zbrush

i changed some parts ,clothing and pose etc… as well as somew shapes i hopw you enjoy it guys cheers more works here :

elf girl by vahid ahmadi zbrush work.jpgz8.jpgElf girl by vahid ahmadi z brish concept clay.jpgElf  girl by vahid ahmadi 3.jpgz9.jpgz7.jpgElf  girl by vahid ahmadi zbrush concept.jpg




very good!:+1:

Excellent work! Thanks for sharing!


Amazing! It would be great to see your render breakdown, if you don’t mind. :+1:

wow , just wow , ur work is truly amazing , i’m really glad i got to know u .

Awesome! do you mind sharing your lighting or rendering setup? Love the non colored version.

awsoooooome ,i love this

congratulation man
well done
i love this