Ego Death

Eventually, we’ll all be torn bit by bit, shredded, and dissolved into an unknowable amount of parts. The ‘I’ that has held me together for so long will be revealed as an illusion, a mirage. As I’m pulled apart I return to what was before; before I believed myself to be myself. And while there will be no ‘I’ ; I hope its nice :slight_smile:

This piece was based on a dream I had. In the dream, I died and my body began being torn from me until there was nothing left. In the dream, it was kinda scary, but after thinking about it it seems nice to be released. With the sculpture I brought in an idea of reconstruction, while the main ‘person’ has holes in them they are also forming these new growths, that aren’t them, but are something new and beautiful.

I based a lot of the forms on Beksinski’s paintings because I feel Beksinski does a good job at making these chaotically structured growths of bones and flesh in his work. So I tried to bring that concept into the growths in my work.