Education in 3D Animation

Hi there,

My name is Antoni Zakheos, I am 19 years of age. I live in cyprus and I am planning to go to the UK to study. I have a huge passion for games and movies. I am planning to study something in the field of 3D Animation and VFX/SFX. I have not had any experience in this field. I really like the software “Z-Brush” and I am hoping during my learning I will get lots of practice with Z-Brush, I have discovered that I have a passion for sculpting and modeling characters. I also want to get some skills in cinematography, special effect, visual effects, motion capture. I will just tell you some genres I like so you can understand what I am looking for; These are post-apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Disaster. I am really aiming for visual media that contains very high detailed 3d animation and effects, such as Avatar, Transformers, Life of PI etc. Two game companies that I like are Blizzard entertainment, and Bethesda softworks.

So basicaly im am asking your advice, what should I look for in a university that will deliver all these things to me. Do you have any recommendations? and also what good Universities are there in the USA?

Thank You for your time! :slight_smile: